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慔ome baked?American-style cookies and biscuits

Source: Date:2008-11-20
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THERE is an increasing demand on every continent both for mid-range output plants, and for traditional US style cookies, brownies and molded biscuits. To meet this requirement, Baker Perkins has introduced production lines for medium-scale outputs of American style cookies and biscuits to markets throughout the world. This proven technology is an addition to the established range of unit machines and systems supplied by Baker Perkins to produce every kind of biscuit, cookie and cracker. Hundreds of these systems have been installed in North America, where they have earned an unparalleled reputation for versatility, baking quality and dependability. These complete mixing-to-cooling lines feature an EM Recirc oven, with forming by either a wirecut machine or a rotary molder. The EM Recirc oven is the North American market leader across a broad range of products. Its exclusive feature is that heat transfer style can be varied, zone by zone, from fully radiant to fully convective ?or any combination in between. This unique flexibility means that the baking profile can be tailored exactly to the product. The oven's reputation has been built on its ability to give a traditional "home baked" appearance that increases consumer demand. This arises from the ability to use both radiant and convection modes in the same oven, and change the profile from one product to the next. This "home-baked cookie" look begins at the wirecut stage, where a range of Baker Perkins World Wirecut units are ideal for this type of product. All machines feature unique die and filler block technology that guarantees precise weight control; variance is just +/-1% on plain dough. Labor, downtime and waste are minimized by quick changeover, rapid cleaning and clear, intuitive controls. Large inclusions such as chocolate chunks, nuts and raisins can be handled easily. As an alternative to the wirecut method, the EM390 rotary molder is widely used for molded biscuits, bars and mini cookies; the combination of an unrivalled range of standard features and options has made it the industry-standard rotary molder in North America. The high-specification basic machine gives tight piece weight control, with easy cleaning and rapid changeovers providing cost savings and improved "up time" to make payback extremely attractive.Zapatillas Running Baratas


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