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5 axis machine from Hurco at Metalex 2017

Source:Ringier Metalworking

Date Published:11/23/2017 08:11:34 AM

Hurco is presenting the VMX42SRTi total flexible 5 axis machining in action for the first time at METALEX 2017 exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand.  

The 5 axis machine from Hurco is totally versatile. Equipped with a tilting head axis and an integrated table axis, one of Hurco’s most popular 5 axis sellers.
The design of the swivel head 5-axis machining center makes the SR the best choice for certain applications. Versatility. The large rotary table provides versatility that allows you to use the extra table space for secondary operations or 3-axis work. Heavier Parts. Because the table is stationary, the swivel head/rotary table 5-axis machining centers are typically preferred when machining heavier parts. Better chip control.  With the swivel head/rotary table configuration, you can run the machine horizontally and gain better chip control.
Unlimited angular movement of C-axis. With a swivel head/rotary table 5-axis machining center, it is extremely important to make sure the table (C-axis) supports unlimited angular movement.  For example, if you are machining down a steep wall and going around the part, the table needs to rotate in a continuous motion. If the C-axis is limited to +360 / -360 degrees of motion, it will literally need to unwind at regular intervals to machine the part. Conversely, the tables on the Hurco SR 5-axis mills are built with unlimited and continuous rotation because our focus from design to delivery is to maximize productivity and profitability for our customers.
Tool access for swept surfaces and complex contours. There are certain applications, such as impellers or turbines, when it is beneficial to approach the part from underneath. When you mill uphill, as it is sometimes called, the base of the spindle is lower than the tool tip. The B-axis tilting head with the C-axis rotary table of the SR machining center supports this type of cutting strategy, whereas a trunnion style 5-axis mill doesn’t.


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