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Forwell Quick Mold Change System and its advantages

Source:Plastics News for Asia     Date:2021-09-06
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There are many good reasons why a reliable quick mold change system must be integrated in a plastic processing operation. Improved efficiency that brings about higher productivity is one major objective along with meeting the very basic concerns of processors such as energy-reduction, less manpower usage, easy maintenance and operation.


For those engaged in injection molding, it is worth to keep in mind these factors when choosing a good quick mold change system. The first is the supplier’s background and history – how long has the supplier been providing quick mold change system to the market and its reputation among those in the industry. Another key consideration is the referral from other customers of the quick mold system supplier, whether these customers have been satisfied by the product and their feedback on the features and services offered. While price and quality are relevant factors, the ability of the supplier to provide timely after sales services and warranty is also important along with the stability of product, safety and customization features. 

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Multiple benefits guaranteed

Quick mold change systems are becoming a standard for large manufacturers looking to increase production efficiency, and improve overall working environments. Automated operations reduce labor expenses, but also reduce workshop accidents and the physical stresses on operators, making them more productive.


Forwell Quick Mold Change Systems (Forwell QMCS) brings all the advantages of an efficient quick mold change system designed with the customer’s needs in mind. The system enables reduced mold changing time and diverse products in small batches, reduced stock inventory and operation standardization. The quick mold change system helps reduced overall production costs as it lower labor cost, enables mold standardization, improves operation safety and shortens the delivery time. These multiple benefits create a better working environment and highly productive operation.


In some cases, customers are faced with the problem of changing heavy molds that require them to assign more than 4 workers to fix molds position. This can take 2~3 hours a day and increases operational cost. Forwell quick change mold solution enables customers to save up to 90% in mold changing time and up to 90% on additional costs. To enable customer to achieve this, Forwell QMCS automates the mold changing process and provides increased speed, efficiency and productivity. The system not only reduces mold changing time, but also promotes diverse small batch production runs and streamlines production management.


Forwell has also designed its quick mold change system ahead of its competitors by integrating additional features. The clamps are waterproof, dustproof, pressure maintaining and with longer clamping stroke function. Safety is guaranteed by its reliable, longer operation. Moreover, the application is wider and more flexible. Forwell has solved the biggest concern about oil leaking as its new design is equipped with a unique device to keep hydraulic pressure steady. 


Forwell has overseas distributors who are well-trained and have years of experience in quick change mold system sales and technical services. For more information, visit: www.forwell.com






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