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Innovations at PACKINNO2021

Source:Adsale     Date:2021-01-05
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OVER the years, technological breakthroughs have led to the creation of food packaging materials that protect food and beverage better, and also allow manufacturers to sell their products in more attractive designs. For brands, functionality such as high barrier, strong sealing, improved shelf life, puncture resistance, and aesthetic appeal, are crucial. Together these features effectively create a positive impact on product profits, and minimise losses. Makers of packaging materials put emphasis on better food safety, reducing environmental pollution, and in creating and using natural polymers for raw materials. Their focus is on green and nano packaging materials.


One of the exhibitions that showcase the latest packaging is the China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products (PACKINNO2021), which will be held at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China, from 4-6 March 2021.  


Under the theme, “Innovation & Green Packaging in the Future,” PACKINNO2021 will focus on packaging hotspots, provide the latest news on the packaging industry, and gather leading buyers and visitors, and well-known companies to the exhibition.


Some recommended star exhibitors at PACKINNO2021

Ace Plastics (Zhuhai) Company Limited (Booth 5.2B17)

Ace Plastics produces containers, high barrier cups, lids, and other rigid plastic packaging products. It has 12 plastic packaging production bases in China, with capabilities in R&D, injection molding, blow molding, and integrated thermoforming. Their product application fields include food, beverage, daily chemical, health care, and industrial goods. 

Ace-comined images.jpg


Guangdong Longxing Packing Industrial Co., Ltd. (Booth 5.2B11)

Guangdong Longxing produces hygienic, environmentally friendly in-mold labelling and thermoformed plastic containers for ice cream, yogurt, beverages, biscuits, candies, fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat, condiments, fast food, and daily necessities.

guangdong combined images.jpg



Shanghai SUNKEA Packaging Co., Ltd (Booth 5.2D05)

SUNKEA’s disposable paper bowls are suitable for holding foods like salads. The bowl’s inner wall has a PE coating or PLA degradable coating, which is oil-proof and waterproof. The food-grade thick paper is eco-friendly and recyclable.



Anhui JND Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd (Booth 5.2M90-3)

The portable powder pump bottle is scoopless and quantitative. The bottle is airtight and designed to ensure convenience, safe and hygienic handling of milk powder. 

Anhui JND Plastic powder pump.jpg

Powder pump system

The milk powder electric quantitative pumping system is highly sealed, offers accurate adjustment of milk powder output, and is reusable. The premium version creates an interactive platform via an app between brand owners and consumers.

Anhui JND Plastic 5 milk powder pumping system.jpg

Milk powder electric quantitative pumping system


Chengdu H&X Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd. (Booth 5.2S19)

The film label is suitable for outer packaging of mineral water, soft drinks, fruit juice, daily chemical products, and dairy products.

Chengdu H&X1 film label.jpg

Chengdu H&X film label


The PVC/PET/OPS shrink sleeve label is made for the outer packaging of fruit juice, soft drinks, mineral water, daily chemicals, food, etc.

Chengdu H&X PVC tops.png

Chengdu H&X PVC tops


The lamination bag (food packing bag) is ideal for seasonings, frozen foods, biscuits, candies, and other food products.

Chengdu H&X 3 lamination.jpg

Chengdu H&X lamination


Zhongshan Chengzhan Lu:Su Composite Packaging Co., Ltd  (Booth 5.2E08)

The impact-resistant aluminium foil gasket has been designed to prevent theft and counterfeiting. The product is anti-moisture (anti-leakage), anti-tear, and does not harbour smells.

Zhongshan Chengzhan 1 aluminium foil gasket.jpg

Zhongshan Chengzhan aluminium foil gasket


The lightweight aluminium foil lunch box has high barrier properties, is resistant to UV, moisture, and corrosion.

Zhongshan Chengzhan 4 alum foil lunchbox.jpg

Zhongshan Chengzhan's alumimium foil lunchbox


Zhongshan Chengzhan 7 alum packaging film.jpg

Zhongshan Chengzhan  alumimium packaging film


Huizhou City Xiang Xin Can Co., Ltd. (Booth 5.2G23)

Tin cans and tinplate cans from Huizhou City Xiang Xin Can are customisable.

Huizhou City Xiang tin cans combined image.jpg

Huizhou City Xiang tin cans 


Dongguan Kbd Pulp Molding Packaged Products Co., Ltd (Booth 5.2H28)

Wet pressing process and various dyed pulp trays

Dongguan Kbd Pulp -dry pressing combined.jpg

Dry pressing 

Dongguan Kbd Pulp 1.png


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