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Mettler-Toledo offers free end-to-end product collection and inspection tests

Source:Mettler-Toledo     Date:2021-03-24
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Mettler-Toledo Production Inspection has expanded its free ‘Test Before You Invest’ testing and evaluation service to include seamless door-to-door product collection and delivery. Available to food manufacturers across the Asia-Pacific region, a logistics company safely facilitates the collection and delivery of food product samples to the Metter-Toledo Malaysia Test Centre. On arrival, packaged food products are evaluated and assessed for a range of product inspection considerations including contaminant detection and checkweighing. The results will help manufacturers make the right product inspection technology purchasing decisions for their specific production lines.  

Malaysian Test Centre_1 - Copy.jpg

Mettler-Toledo's test centre in Malaysia. Food manufacturers from anywhere in APAC can request for a free product test.

The Test Centre can accommodate a wide range of food products – from frozen food such as meat, seafood and ice-cream to confectionery – in various packaging sizes including large packs of up to 50kgs.  


Food manufacturers from India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and the Philippines simply request a free product test from their local Mettler-Toledo office. The Mettler-Toledo local team then logs the request into a secure portal for the product samples to be collected by the logistics company from the manufacturer’s site. The logistics company will then complete all the relevant customs declaration forms to facilitate fast transportation of the products.  


On receipt of the product samples, the Test Centre inspection experts conduct a detailed product inspection assessment and evaluation at the required production speed. Products can be tested on Mettler Toledo’s complete range of metal detection, x-ray and checkweighing technologies. To accommodate COVID-19- social distancing requirements, manufacturers can watch the testing via a remote video link from anywhere in the region. 


The resulting Product Test and Detection Sensitivity Report, created within an average of five days of the arrival of the product sample, is then uploaded onto the secure portal, giving customers full transparency and ease-of-access to the results. The report includes information such as the most suitable product inspection technology based on the actual product, manufacturing facility, potential contaminant detection requirements, and business needs. It also contains detailed data regarding the False Reject Rate (FRR: the number of good or clean products incorrectly rejected) and Probability of Detection (POD: the consistency of detection when a contaminated product is passed through the system).  

Nigel Wong_2.png

Nigel Wong, Head of Market Support Centre at Mettler-Toledo Asia Pacific


Nigel Wong, Head of Market Support Centre at Mettler-Toledo Asia Pacific said “By partnering with a logistics company and offering a frictionless door-to-door testing service, we are confident we can help food manufacturers make better decisions when it comes to investing in new inspection technology. This will help manufacturers improve their product safety standards and increase their return in investment, while facilitating compliance with food safety standards across the region.” 

The Malaysian Test Centre is one of a global network of four Test Centres owned by Metter-Toledo to help manufacturers access expert product inspection advice, with the other three being located in the US, Spain and China. 

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