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Middle East & Africa pet food market shows rapid growth

Source:Research and Markets     Date:2020-12-10
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The combined market of Middle East & African pet food which consists of dry and wet foods, snack, and treats, has crossed USD 3 billion in 2019.  Growth is driven by a number of factors including the rising ownership/adoption of pets, awareness in the fact that pets should eat pet food rather than home-cooked food, and the online availability of pet food products.

pet food-© Saskia Massink - Dreamstime.com.jpg

Urban pet owners are demanding dry food products, which pushed the revenue share to more than 55%. (Photo © Saskia Massink I Dreamstime.com)


Data comes from the new report, The "Middle-East & Africa Pet Food Market Overview, 2020-2025".


The report also said that developing dog food requests alongside higher footing in the premium pet food section is expected to drive the pet food market over a period. The demand for dry natural pet food is likely to increase and capture a considerable market.


The whole pet food segment has contributed the most to the total pet care market. Pet owners want healthy food choices for their pets, and they are looking out for the food products that contain the best nutritional value for their pets, which is expected to drive the growth of the Middle East pet food market immensely.


Even though the Middle-East & African pet food market is at a nascent stage, it has registered the fastest growth globally. Considering the major countries in both regions, Saudi Arabia has contributed majorly to the pet food revenue generation. The forecasted growth from the African region is expected to grow with a CAGR of above 7% till 2025, with grain free organic pet food products being demanded majorly.


Urban pet owners are demanding dry food products, which pushed the revenue share to more than 55%. The snacks & treats category has witnessed growth as the pet parents consider it as a reward to their pets during practice sessions and playtime. Canned food is generally preferred for dogs as it contains proteins, fats, and barely any sugar. Higher absorbability offered by wet food makes it best for cats and dogs with ailments and those that are finicky eaters.


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