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Mindful Sparks opens premium craft soda production facility in Hong Kong

Source:Mindful Sparks     Date:2021-10-19
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Mindful Sparks, Hong Kong's premium craft soda brand, has opened its first full-scale production facility as it expands operations to elevate the region's non-alcoholic beverage offering.


The new facility marks a significant evolution in the brand's rapid growth and popularity since it started crafting its unique take on non-alcoholic sodas in 2020.


The New Territories-based facility recently began large-scale production, using advanced equipment paired with passion and innovation to achieve complex flavours and uncompromised quality to fulfil customer demand.

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Mindful Sparks' creations include its signature products: Passion Gone?, a passion fruit and green tea sparkling mocktail, and Blue?, a rose butterfly pea flower sparkling mocktail. The Mindful Sparks Tea House line includes two cold brew options: Sparkling Early Grey and Sparkling Pu'er, catering for the region's thirst for sugar-free, tea-infused beverages.


The company was founded by local nutritionist and experienced craft beverage maker Winston Lau.


“I am excited about this next chapter in the Mindful Sparks story. As a business built on mindfulness, we proudly promote wellness and enlightenment through our premium craft sodas. We carefully select high-quality ingredients to not only infuse flavour but also enhance the sensory experience through aroma and taste,” said founder and creative visionary Lau.


Constantly innovating, the Mindful Sparks Limited Collection includes seltzers, mocktails, and sparkling beverages with unique and curious flavours to awaken the senses. Sparkling Yuzu Genmaicha, Houjicha Vanilla Ice-cream Seltzer, Sparkling Peach Earl Grey, and Sparkling Pear Lime Cinnamon are a glimpse into Lau's creativity.


An evolving seasonal products range reinforces the brand's focus on mindfulness and enjoyment of the craft soda experience in sync with Hong Kong's cyclical climate. For example, the popular Liquid Gingerbread Man fuses non-alcoholic spiced ginger ale with dark, warming spices for shorter days with a chill in the air.


To practice alcohol-free mindful enjoyment, Mindful Sparks premium craft sodas can be found at these locations.


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