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Study cites health risks related to a flavouring ingredient in colas

Source:Dr. Reza Kamarei via PR Newswire     Date:2021-07-16
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A published scientific review points to three health risks related to the use of phosphoric acid, a flavouring agent that adds tartness to cola drinks.


Researcher and food and nutrition expert, Dr. Reza Kamarei announced the recent publication of his latest article in the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition: "Health Risks of Phosphoric Acid in Cola Drinks." The article details how the consumption of phosphoric acid poses significant risk to bone, teeth, and kidney health. Dr. Kamarei compiled decades of research outlining a compelling case for concern and is currently calling on responsible cola producers, along with regulating bodies and government agencies, to consider labeling cola drinks containing phosphoric acid with a food safety warning.


"Considering this review paper, all consumers as well as diet, nutrition and health organizations and government agencies should be alarmed about the health risks of phosphoric acid in cola drinks," said Dr. Kamarei. "These risks are well documented and undeniable. Consumers deserve to be informed about the presence of phosphoric acid in their cola drinks so they can make more informed decisions about their food choices. We already have health warning labels for other high-risk consumables like alcohol and cigarettes. So, it is time we place similar warnings on cola drinks containing phosphoric acid."


From the Research Abstract: "The American Beverage Association defines phosphoric acid as follows: 'This flavoring agent in soft drinks is a preservative that provides tartness.' Numerous health risks due to the use of phosphoric acid in colas have been reported in the scientific literature. Careful review of the scientific literature shows that there are three major health risks associated with phosphoric acid in colas: risk to bone health, risk to kidney health and risk to teeth health. Consumers deserve to be informed about the presence of phosphoric acid in their cola drinks. It is reasonable to demand use of appropriate cautionary language about phosphoric acid on the labels of cola drinks."


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