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Yann Bang Rapid Dryer for higher production

Source:Plastics News Asia     Date:2021-06-16
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YANN BANG's RD-series, Hopper Dryer Efficiency Intensifier, is the patented and unique product never seen before in the market. It can work with all kinds of existing hopper dryers, fully compatible with the current hopper dryer that there is no need to invest in new equipment. The unit enables increased production by saving around 50% in drying time and 30% in energy cost. 


The more the RD-Series is used, the shorter the payback period, without sacrificing on quality. The low moisture content can be reduced to 0.02%, depending on the initial moisture content of resin, which could boost the drying quality of resins and lower defective products. That is, the yield rate is greatly increased accordingly.

Yann Bang Rapid Dryer.jpg 

As for application, the RD-Series is suitable for a wide range of materials like, PET, PC, PMMA, PA46, PPS and nylon. Maintenance is easy and can be done by unloading and cleaning the plug-in air filter and dust collector base regularly. Another feature is the special closed-loop heating system which avoids the hot, moist or oily air from being discharged to the workplace directly, thus ensuring safe and clean environment for on-site operators. For more information, visit: www.yannbang.com/rapid-dryer-en


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