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AAK flaked fats enhance pizza quality

Source:Food Bev Asia

Date Published:3/18/2019 11:03:40 AM

AAK’s flaked fats range is a simple solution to improve the overall look, taste and flavour of pizza, as well as its production.  

Leveraging its expertise in fats, AAK offers a new range of flaked fats that can elevate the crust quality, taste and texture of pizzas, and even eliminate some production issues such as oil migration.

Crust type, quality and mouthfeel are a big part of what consumers are looking for when choosing pizza,1.

The pizza also looks better since the flakes create clear air-pockets and a more open dough structure that results in a pizza that looks more artisanal and delivers an artisan-style experience.

AAK's range of flaked fats enhance the sensory qualities of pizza, and they are easy to handle production-wise. 

During pizza making, the flaked fats will help maintain the shape of the dough and reduce shrinkage after baking.

Flavour is enhanced by AAK’s version of flavoured flakes. The taste is encapsulated in the flake until the product is baked and the fat starts to melt. This means that less of the aroma is released during the production process, and the flavour of the end product is enhanced.

AAK flaked fats for pizza

Flaked fats allow the creation of artisan quality, taste and texture, says AAK.

Pizza companies will also appreciate the easy handling of AAK’s flaked fats. Traditional blocks of hard fat can be difficult to deal with and may need extra processing to break into the right size for production. By contrast, AAK’s flaked fats are free-flowing and easy to handle. Additionally, they can be used in automatic lines, enabling a seamless production process. In most dough-based applications flaked fats are incorporated directly into the dough towards the end of the mixing process, which maintains the structural integrity of the flake.

In addition, AAK’s flaked fats reduce oiling out – the oil migration from the crust that can make home-delivery boxes soggy. Preventing oiling out allows for a better crust texture and has the extra benefit that consumers’ hands will get less greasy if they pick up their pizza to eat.

Rasa Moorthamer, Business Development Director at AAK, commented: “Today’s consumers want pizzas with artisan quality, taste and texture. Our expertise in vegetable oils and fats ensure our flaked fats give the premium pizza experience consumers are looking for. This versatile solution allows for the creation of a tasty product that can make production simpler, while opening the door to unique sensory experiences, whether the pizza is sold frozen, chilled, fresh, or as a dry-mix.”

1Mintel, A year of innovation in pizza and pies, 2018


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