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Adding value to the supply chain

Source:International Plastics News for Asia

Date Published:8/22/2017 01:08:03 PM

PLASCO General Manager Tony Wang shares the company’s latest plans in the ASEAN region as well as the new technologies it will be launching.  
PLASCO (formerly Jenn Chong Plastics Machinery) is a Taiwan-based plastic machinery manufacturer.  It is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, an important milestone for a company that is renowned globally for its diversified product lines. PLASCO serves the market with its broad range of multilayer coextrusion blown film extruders, monofilament extrusion lines, strapping band extrusion lines, super high-capacity blown film extruders for HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/PP materials, and tape extrusion lines. With its focus on providing solutions for various sectors, PLASCO equipment have one common goal – to enhance the quality of plastic products which in turn elevates the level of the entire industry. 
In September, PLASCO will be participating in VietnamPlas 2017 and International Plastics News for Asia ( IRNA) discussed with PLASCO General Manager Tony Wang the company’s latest plans in the ASEAN region as well as the new technologies it will be launching.  
Tony Wang
Mr. Tony Wang, General Manager, PLASCO
IRNA: PLASCO will be attending VietnamPlas in September. What has been the response of customers from Southeast Asia on your machineries?
Mr. Wang: PLASCO is positioned to target customers of high-end production demand, and since many companies are shifting their manufacturing operations from China to Southeast Asia, we see a lot of potential customers from those who are setting up factories with advanced technology and equipment. Our customers particularly favor PLASCO machine due to its high degree automation, low energy waste and high precision in production. Our customers in Southeast Asia and Vietnam are mostly multinational companies who base their manufacturing there. PLASCO monofilament extrusion line receives positive feedback particularly because of its degree of energy efficiency and features that eliminate problems of plastics being tangled during production. Besides PLASCO monofilament extrusion line that has become the signature equipment of the company that takes up 60-70% of its total sales, we will be exhibiting JC-HS HDPE super high capacity blown film extruder series at VietnamPlas. JC-HS series boast of high volume, high degree in automation (with automatic surface winder) and quality in film production. The maximum output reaches 175kg/hr with the machine line operating between 12-120m/min. JC-HS blown film extruder is particularly energy-efficient, generates top quality films and benefits industries that manufacture for end products for packaging, consumer goods etc. While Southeast Asia economies, middle-class population and purchasing power continue to grow, there are great potential for the plastics sector (in 2015 plastics is ranked as ASEAN’s 5th most traded commodity at US$79.808 billion) . Therefore, PLASCO will keep on supplying premium quality machines. We are therefore excited to meet potential customers and discuss tailor-made solutions at VietnamPlas. 
We have noticed that in recent years the multinational companies are more than willing to purchase Asian-made machineries rather than the European counterparts. This is due to the high price-to-value ratio. Therefore, PLASCO cooperates with the high-end multinational producers who wish to stay at the top of the competition. We also welcome professional agents to discuss with us regarding local sales and prospects.
IRNA: What are the major features emphasized by PLASCO machinery given one common issue in the industry that traditional plastics machinery can no longer fulfill the integrated demands across different industries?  
Mr. Wang: Our machines have always been the semblance of interdisciplinary production given the high quality of the end-products, which then help producers meet multi-industrial applications. One can also view the evidence from the core benefits that PLASCO machineries reflect in the plastics industry and these are the following:  
1. Energy-effectiveness: We acknowledge the major issue of energy consumption a long time ago. Thus, during every adjustment and R&D processes of our machines, we deliberately aim at polishing the mechanical designs of our electric units to eliminate extra energy waste. Energy loss directly translates into higher cost for producers, and burden to the environment as well. So PLASCO believes that building energy-efficient machine is one of the most important tasks to do for a greener and burden-free plastics manufacturing industry;  
2. Enhanced properties: PLASCO machinery particularly ensures that production meets required properties, which then help manufacturers apply these properties to different industries. For instance, with PLASCO monofilament extruders, the polymer will secure the properties of tensile strength, wear resistance, flexibility and lubricity. We listen to the feedbacks and refine machines’ mechanical and engineering design constantly to cover requirements and standards in different sectors;
3. Comprehensive solution: PLASCO is executing plans to vertically integrate the solutions we provide - that is in short, to empower our ability in manufacturing down-stream equipment. At present, our extrusion lines focus on the upstream equipment. Relying on our long industrial experience, I believe that the plastics industry will move toward vertical integration. PLASCO is thus putting effort in creating comprehensive supply chains, the goal is to build high-end production lines for customers who have zero background in extruders or plastics manufacturing. If successful, this will represent a huge leap of PLASCO’s technological might, and competency to embrace plastics manufacturing of the next generation.
PLASCO blown film extruder line
IRNA: What steps have been taken as part of your strategy and R&D innovations?  
Mr. Wang: We are in the process of rebranding. The company added the brand “PLASCO”, with a new logo to our original name Jenn Chong. The objective is to leave an impression of clear, green and efficient performance to users. We uphold the notion in creating extra value and ground-breaking technology in the field of extrusion machines. We refuse to be involved in price competition, even when the competitions in this field turn extremely harsh nowadays, as the most important stance for PLASCO is to maintain our technological advantages. Via rebranding, we wish to attract manufacturers who are searching for niche, and unorthodox production methods that stand out. PLASCO will be offering one-stop solutions and comprehensive production lines to carry the full responsibility that incorporate production equipment, management systems, and effective power distribution units on the factory floor. 
We will be carrying these services and know-how to pump up PLASCO’s involvement in Asia and the Southeast Asia region. It is observed that manufacturers from the emerging economies will be increasing their demands for advanced manufacturing systems in response to the upgrading trends in manufacturing in general. Thus, consolidated quality, innovative production, increased efficiency and enhanced services are the values we have sustained over the past thirty years, and they will continue to be the core emphasis for future.  
PLASCO Engineering Inc.
No.90. Nanpi Road, Nanxin Vil., 
Taibao City, Chiayi County, 61251 Taiwan
Tel: +886-5 237 6175
Fax: +886-5 237 6176
VietnamPlas Booth No.:  165


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