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AMUT to demo latest model at CHINAPLAS [Video]

Source:Plastics News Asia

Date Published:3/15/2017 10:03:19 AM

ACF series from AMUT assures a flexible production for a wide range of plastic products

The ACF is the latest series of thermoforming machines developed by AMUT COMI demonstrated at K 2016 in Germany. With the extremely positive feedback received after the show on this new model, AMUT COMI moved to introduce this model to the Southeast Asian market.

For CHINAPLAS 2017, the Group will demonstrate the ACF 820. This model is configured in three stations (forming - cutting - stacking), with formig mould size of 820 x 650 mm and clamping force of 240 kN. The cutting station has area of 800 x 630 mm and clamping force of 600 kN.

The heating oven is a new development with 5-step length or 3.250 mm, and permits to process thick PP sheets without any need of pre-heater.

The visitors will see the machine deliver PET punnets starting from 350-µ foil and reach a production speed up to 60 wet cycles per min in the configuration with 15-cavity mould.

The ACF series assures a flexible production for a wide range of articles, handling different materials, such as PET, APET, RPET, CPET, OPS, HIPS, PS, EPS, PP, PLA, PVC, has a modular concept and can be supplied in different configurations. In-line solutions are also available.

An exceptional repeatability and high-speed performances make these machines absolutely unique and competitive. The forming and cutting presses are purposely equipped with counterbalanced platens.

All AMUT COMI thermoforming machines are driven by EASY, the smart HDMI that understands the data set by the operator and processes them proposing optimized solutions.  AMUT COMI is keeping up with advances in technology, complying with the smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 trends.

Main performances of EASY include: automatic adjustment of the parameters of the cycle based on the set speed; optimized diagnostic with information for research and fully independent solution of the problems; with monitor displaying of I/O PLC cards; automatic check of the set parameters refusing data that are not compatible with the predefined cycle; detailed pie chart of all functions of the automatic loop; and energy saving system with optimization of oven heating in relation to mold size.



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