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Automatic filter for agricultural film recycling

Source:Plastics News Asia

Date Published:6/24/2020 03:06:53 PM

FIMIC continuous filtration system helps improve the recycling process for agricultural films    
Agricultural film is a complex material, not only for washing but also for extrusion and filtration.
Everything that can be removed upstream, from a high-performance washing and of course an efficient water treatment, will allow the extruder and the filter to work to the best of their ability.
If the pre-treatment (washing process) is not working efficiently, the filtration unit on the pelletizing line has to be changed very often, which causes lower output and the big consumption of mesh screen also the labor cost.
FIMIC continuous filtration system helps the recycling process become more automatic— the self-cleaning system in the continuous filter automatically removes the contamination on the screen surface, thus allowing the good plastic to conitnue passing through the screen.
In addition, sand contamination is always an issue as like metals, sand is very aggressive and abrasive. It is a problem for all continuous scraping filters, in terms of duration of screens and blades. FIMIC’s filter design helps to prolong the screen changing time. Depending on the percentage of the contamination of the washed agricultural film, the maximum duration can last up to 7 days without changing screen.
Thanks to the continuous filtration system, the recyclers can have finer filtration without changing the screen often. Generally the recycled pellet from agricultural film is used back into blown film, which needs 120 / 150 / 200 micron screens. For more information on FIMIC, visit:


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