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Backscattering sensor measures turbidity

Source:Food Bev Asia

Date Published:2/19/2019 09:02:42 AM

New NIR sensor capable of measuring turbidity economically is suitable for use in F&B processes, purification in dairy, yeast recovery, and other applications.

THE EXspect 271 backscattering sensor features a compact measuring device for reliable and economical turbidity measurement. The spherical design of the sensor’s optical measurement system minimises the attachment of air bubbles and the build-up of deposits. The focusing of the beam due to the sapphire lens allows for a measurement right on the barrier layer of the medium, meaning only the reflection is measured, and not the proportion of the light beam absorbed.

The measurement takes place in the near-infrared region (NIR) at a wavelength of 880 nm, which allows for colour-neutral measurement. The LED light source being used guarantees a long-lasting and stable signal. The stainless-steel case of the EXspect 271 has a hygienic design and is suitable for CIP/SIP. As another special feature, NIST-traceable reference standards can be obtained for calibrating or checking the sensors in the field.

The sensor has a hygienic and robust design suitable for the F&B industry, as well as applications including yeast recovery, phase separation, purification processes in dairy plants, and the measurement of cellulose concentrations.


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