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Best of beverage packagingWinners in the beverage category* at the Pentawards, the first worldwide competition devoted exclusively to Packaging Design, range from mass market to the luxurious

Source: Date:2008-11-20
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ARGUABLY the world's most beautiful beverage packaging, the winners of the 2008 Pentawards represented the best creative minds behind some of the most well known brands as well as several products known only in their domestic markets. As the first worldwide competition devoted exclusively to Packaging Design, Pentawards attracted an unprecedented number of entries from the largest packaging design agencies, principally from England, France, the USA and Japan, as well as packaging producers and leading brand owners. The goal of the Pentawards is to reward designs originating from all markets, from mass market to luxury. This is why there are five large groupings ?Beverages, Food, Body, Other markets and Luxury ?encompassing over 40 categories. "The Pentawards reward luxury packaging as well as mass-market products; as proof, this year the highest prizes go to a champagne with a worldwide reputation, as well as own-brand chips and even a box of laundry detergent," explains award co-founder Brigitte Evrard.

Playful approach lands highest award

The Piper Heidsieck Ros?Sauvage champagne bottle was selected for the highest accolade by the panel of judges chaired by G閞ard Caron: the Diamond Pentaward for Best of the Show 2008 Designed by world-famous fashion designers Victor & Rolf and presented to the competition and produced by Sleever International, the Upside Down champagne bottle rests on its neck, and the neck and front labels and cap foil reversed. “How do you do something new with something timeless? We had only one answer: reverse the proportions.?This is how the two Dutch fashion designers express it. Indeed, if there is a domain in which tradition reigns, it is that of champagne. So the designers kept all the traditional graphic features of champagne (bottle, cork, ice bucket, glass, and labels) but thought that if champagne could turn on one's head, it was only necessary to reverse all these visual elements to amplify this impression, and especially to differentiate the Piper Heidsieck brand from its competitors by recreating the packaging of the champagne. The glass bottles are covered by a sleeve produced by Sleever International, a leading global company in this very innovative area of packaging design. It is this creativity in support of packaging, also expressed throughout the communication (the site will also spin your head around) that won over the Pentawards jury. The bottles of Pieper Heidsieck Ros?Sauvage signed by Viktor & Rolf were launched on the market at the end of October 2007 in several duty free shops and in exclusive bars and wine bars. This is therefore a limited-time edition. "It is striking to note that the winning packaging was distinguished by a large majority of the jury members, regardless of its geographical origin and that of the competing products; proof that exceptional designs rise above cultural differences and have an international scope,?says head jurist Caron, who edits the site The international panel was composed of 12 specialists in packaging design, designers and marketers, based in England, Russia, the USA, China, Brazil, Japan, France, Switzerland, Holland and Australia. In all, in addition to the Diamond award, Pentaward distributed five Platinum citations for the five major categories: Pemberton & Whitefoord, UK, for Tesco Tortilla Chips in the Food Category; DesignBridge, Holland, for Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+, Body Category; Aekyung, Korea, for Spark, Other Markets Category; Dentsu Kyushu, Japan, for Yaoki Sake, Luxury Category; and Turner Duckworth, USA, for Coca-Cola Aluminum for the Beverages Category. Twenty-seven gold winners were selected and more winning designs won silver and bronze awards across all categories. NUESTRAS MARCAS


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