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Biomed and beauty packing solutions

Source:Food Bev Asia

Date Published:1/3/2019 05:01:58 PM

At their open house, Benison introduced a fully auto banding machine for blister tablets package – the first of its kind in Taiwan, writes VICTORIA CHANG.  

EVERY year, Benison invites industry experts and buyers to its open house and technical exchange forum in Taiwan. A leading packaging solution provider in Taiwan, Benison offers craftsmanship gained from its six-decade-long history in the business. Its products: auto sleeve sealers, labelling machines, carton machines, and wrapping machines, as well as its renowned shrink wrapping and shrink film packaging equipment. Benison’s plants in China (Shanghai), the Philippines and Thailand have contributed substantially in providing local services and immediate customer response to the Greater China, and Southeast Asian markets.

Benison showcased its packaging equipment and services in Taichung on November 15. 

Benison held its annual technology exchange forum on November 15 in Taichung. More than 200 participants and buyers attended the seminar where they were able to view a collection of high-speed, precise, efficient and automated systems. Guest speakers updated visitors on data collection and intelligent manufacturing and packaging 4.0 and emphasised on the key for connection, instant monitoring, and types of modules that would assist the packaging industry in levelling up their production value as well as quality.

Fully auto banding machine of blister tablets package

The star equipment of the year (2018) for Benison is the fully auto banding machine of blister tablets package (PTB 120). The machine, the first of its kind to be released in Taiwan, is seen as a solution to the issue of labour shortage within the country’s medical industry. This auto banding machine for blister tablets package precisely divides tablet cases into stacks, and wraps them together. The speed now is 17 stacks/minute (1 stack is consisted with 10 packs of tablets). The invention will contribute speed and even more eco-friendly solutions by reducing paper cases used originally in manual packaging. 

Tablets packed using a fully auto banding machine for blister tablets package. The machine is currently the only one of its kind in Taiwan, according to maker Benison.

Auto sleeve wrapper

Benison’s auto sleeve wrapper focuses on speed – it boasts the capacity to reach 800 units/min. Combined with washing, filling and sealing equipment, this auto sleeve wrapper full line total solution is widely applied in the wine industry, food and beverage, and biomedicine fields.

Benison also showcased a rotary tape dispenser system for packaging lines. Originally six metres long, it was redesigned into a rotary one, which substantially reduces extra spaces required to accommodate the system. This implies a decrease in the actual space occupied in the factory.

Taiwan’s beauty products and facial masks demands strong packaging solutions not only for the security of the products themselves but the competitive personal care market that well-established companies keep on innovating while newcomers keep heading in.

Beyond food and pharma

Aside from the food market, Benison’s machineries also cater to the needs of several major beauty products manufacturers located in Taiwan. The personal care market is highly competitive with well- established companies that are focused on innovation as well as newcomers eager for a piece of the growing segment. According to Benison, strong packaging solutions are required to secure beauty products and facial masks. The company is tapping into dynamic packaging solutions that will create greater flexibility for personal care product manufacturers.

Apart from large scale production, Benison has the ability to diversify and meet the requirements of home bakeries and small factories for biscuits and baking produce packaging. For example, its horizontal flow wrapper provides portability and simple operation.

Users’ opinion

Among the most notable customers of Benison equipment is Wuan Chuang Soy Sauce, a soy sauce manufacturer with one of the longest histories in Taiwan, having been established in 1909. The company which ships its products across the globe has been a long time customer of Benison.

At the open house, senior soy sauce brewing master said, “We have 40 years of partnership with Benison and currently our factory has four production lines constructed with Benison’s equipment. Benison is a reliable manufacturer particularly on the machine’s sustainability, quality and flexibility on customisation. Price is the least concern.”

Integration is crucial

“Benison’s technological exchange forum has been operating for over 20 years, I strongly believe that it will bring greater integration both within the company and among our customers,” Benker Liao, the chairman of Benison stated. He envisions the future trend of packaging technology. He sees integration as the most crucial element to put innovations in materials and equipment into the hands of customers. Benison spends much effort in eradicating the defect rates on their machines, and with the addition of visual inspection system, we can expect an upgraded tier of machines from the company.

Furthermore, Mr. Benker outlined the concept of packaging 4.0. Taking the food industry as an example he said, “It will be a complete integration of purchasing experiment with food security and food quality.” In the future, we might be able to tell the quality and taste of fruits (e.g. sugar level and ripeness) from the packaging.

Future expansion

Benison will target emerging markets, including Africa, as well as regions with surging middle class. According to the company, the year 2018 has been quite exhilarating, with many new introductions and technological disruption. It hopes that their game-changing design and sustainable solutions would be able to reach out to more readers and industry players who wish to discuss packaging techniques or demands unconventional solutions.


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