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BOGE breathes pure innovation

Source:International Plastics News for Asia

Date Published:11/28/2018 08:11:41 PM

From state-of-the-art technology to modular design concepts and maximum energy efficiency, BOGE’s compressed air systems consistently meet the highest reliability and efficiency standards.  

For more than a century, BOGE air compressors have stood the test of time, from the smallest workshop to the largest manufacturing lines. Today, BOGE Kompressoren has a lot more to offer than just compressed air. From state-of-the-art technology to modular design concepts and maximum energy efficiency, BOGE’s compressed air systems consistently meet the highest reliability and efficiency standards that all customers have come to expect.

Modern manufacturing

The use of compressed air is pivotal to manufacturing processes. BOGE equips food and beverage facilities with compressors that store and distribute oil-free, dry air used in filling machines and pumps, for generating other gases, and in conveying systems to move ingredients. For sensitive beverages such as mineral water, the highest quality standards are a matter of course. At an Italian spa manufacturing plant, 90% of the compressed air supplied by BOGE is used for the production of 7.5 million PET bottles per day, powered by nine screw compressors to ensure absolutely oilfree, reliable and efficient air.

Optimising performance

For customers in Asia, BOGE’s SE Series unlocks new potential for improved performance. Tested to perfection at the BOGE R&D Centre in Germany, the air compressors effectively address the market’s specific requirements, and offer a new level of energy efficiency. Used in applications for the steel, ceramic, plastic, packaging and textile industries, the BOGE SE series features a high-efficiency airend, a low-speed, energy-saving fan, and a three-stage oil separation system to minimise residual oil content and internal pressure losses.

“BOGE’s SE series offers a super-silent, maintenance-free and greener option to meet the demands of the fast-developing industries in the region, says Nalin Amunugama, General Manager of BOGE Kompressoren Asia Pacific.

Product innovations

Among BOGE’s latest innovations, the new S-4 model, representing the fourth generation of the popular S-series not only achieves a significant breakthrough with saving energy, but also takes sound insulation and easy maintenance to an entirely new level. With the help of user feedback, BOGE redesigned its C-series of oil-lubricated screw compressors to focus on noise reduction and efficiency.

Mr. Nalin Amunugama, General Manager, BOGE Kompressoren Asia Pacific

Intelligent control systems

Striving for better connectivity between man and machine, BOGE actively develops intelligent control systems to assist with automation and decentralised decisions. Integrated networking keeps the entire operations working at maximum efficiency with minimal interruption. The BOGE airstatus remote diagnostics tool provides users with uninterrupted access to an overview of process values for their compressed air devices to optimise workflows. At its smart factory in Bielefeld, Germany, BOGE’s capabilities further enhance the development of intelligent production concepts and equipment, such as the High Speed Turbo (HST) compressors. Production principles conceptualised here will be transferred to future products aimed at increasing efficiency and savings to customers.

Game changer

Alongside the rising demand for compressed air is the increased focus on sustainability and reduced energy use and wastage by businesses today. The current generation of machines manufactured by BOGE is designed, based on the latest research in compression technology and fluid engineering to create clear energy savings for users.

“Maximising technological advancements to achieve customer-specific efficiency values is always a priority for BOGE. Our product innovations will continue to expand on system optimisation based on our customers’ varying operating conditions,” Mr Amunugama assures.

About BOGE Kompressoren

With more than 100 years of experience in mechanical engineering, BOGE KOMPRESSOREN Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG is one of the oldest manufacturers of compressors and compressed air systems in Germany. Be it high speed turbo compressors, screw compressors, piston compressors, scroll compressors, complete systems or individual devices, BOGE meets the most diverse requirements and highest standards.In Southeast Asia, BOGE’s products are sold and serviced through a dedicated network of 48 distributors.


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