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Bossar showcases recent packaging breakthroughs

Source:Ringier Medical

Date Published:3/13/2015 05:03:45 PM

Innovations yield heightened sterile environment in powder packaging lines and a swab feeding system
RECENT innovations from Bossar include two powder packaging lines for bone rebuilding and a plastic swab package with a sponge containing a liquid that creates a protective layer for treating superficial wounds. 
Each of the two powder packaging lines has two horizontal form, fill, and seal machines. The first HFFS machine doses the powder in a flat pouch, while the second places the first pouch in another pouch. The combined output of the two machines undergoes sterilization before reaching the third machine, which puts each pouch into a third one. The resulting package contains a properly sterilized clinical powder duly protected from any leakage.
The first pouch is formed using two film rolls of different material. The film enters one in front of the other through the guides. The ultrasonic sealing ensures pouch performance. An auger filler handles the dosing, and the machine incorporates a dust aspirator and collector to avoid product waste. 
The process involves a multilevel grouping system. A conveyor takes the pouches to the second HFFS machine where a funnel drops the pouches into larger pouches. These pouches are then grouped and transported to a decontamination and sterilization system in the exit station, after which they are brought to a third filling machine where they are put in new pouches. The end-result is a perfectly packaged product that is ready for use in the operating room.
For the plastic swab package, Bossar used personalized BMK-1400 machine with two filling stations to comply with the customers’ specifications. The first filling station doses the liquid inside the pouch, and the second introduces the swab in an inverted position. 
The swab feeding system has a specially designed vibrating rotary bowl to guarantee speed and positioning of the swabs. A lineal vibrator pushes the swabs to the guides, which have a gripper at the end that rotates the swab 90 degrees and places it in the pouch. A detection system ensures no swab sticks out of the pouch before the top is sealed to prevent damaging the swab. 
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