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Brabender and Melchers at Chinaplas 2019

Source:Plastics News Asia

Date Published:5/14/2019 04:05:33 PM

Establishing high-performance connections for efficient quality control takes center stage at Brabender booth
Brabender is well-known for its compact and modular solutions for quality control and this is what the company will present at this year’s Chinaplas. The range comprises of torque rheometers, measuring mixers and extruders as well as instruments for specific measuring tasks, applied worldwide in all areas of research, development and industrial production.
Expert advice on quality control
How does my raw material behave in production? How does my raw material react at a certain temperature, pressure or speed an in combination with other raw materials? How can one best adapt the processing characteristics of my raw material to the different products and processing tasks? How can one prove whether the material received from the supplier complies with his specifications? 
Respectively, the Brabender staff, supported by its local agent Melchers, will give answers to these questions and to other queries related to quality control at booth no. 5.1J15 in H05 of the China Import & Export Fair Complex. Moreover, Brabender and Melchers will show a selection of their broad range of instruments and equipment for testing the properties of several different raw materials especially applied in the plastics and rubber industries all over the world. 
Brabender is the perfect partner for customer-tailored stand-alone and modular solutions with different application-specific equipment. Brabender represents a high-performance and efficient technology which meets the highest quality standards – unique, compact and state of the art.
Reknown table-top rheometer ensures flexibility
At the booth, visitors will find the well-known and innovative Brabender Plastograph EC which is a torque rheometer used for applicational investigations or processing tasks in laboratories and simulation. With its digital 3.8-kW motor, a torque measuring range of 200 Nm and a speed range from 0.2 to 150 min-1, it suits best for practice-oriented measurements with mixers oder extruders from Brabender’s broad range of measuring heads. 
Thus, tasks like raw material and recipe development, material testing, quality control parallel to production, optimization of the production process or laboratory-scale production of samples for further investigations can be performed.
The Brabender Measuring Mixer 50 EHT is a measuring head for Brabender torque rheometers heated electrically which is applied for testing the processibility of thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, ceramic molding materials, pigments, and many other plastic and plastifiable substances. On a laboratory scale, all processes like compounding, mixing, masticating, etc., that are relevant for production and processing of polymers and other plastic and plastifiable materials can be simulated under practice-oriented conditions.
Rounding out the portfolio, the Brabender Customer Service aims at establishing a long-term connection to the customer and ensures full performance of instruments and software throughout the entire product lifetime.


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