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Chen Hsong boosts international presence

Source:Plastics News Asia

Date Published:6/4/2018 02:06:57 PM

Chen Hsong has been expanding its international reach with its range of high-end injection moulding solutions.  
As a well-known injection moulding machines manufacturer, the Chen Hsong Group presented its high-end technologies intended for the North American market at NPE in Florida, USA. At this event, Chen Hsong unveiled some important developments, according to CK Chiang, Deputy Chairman and President – Group Manufacturing at Chen Hsong. 
First, Chen Hsong started to cooperate with Mitsubishi Heavy Industry 7 years ago by helping Mitsubishi Heavy Industry produce hydraulic two-platen injection moulding machines. Another development is its team-up with famous Japanese design team which has contributed a lot towards improvement in design and functions of machines showcased at the NPE. 
Chen Hsong at NPE 2018
Mr. CK Chiang, Deputy Chairman and President – Group Manufacturing, Chen Hsong
From market perspective, Mr. Chiang stated that: “The clients in North America expect the machines to be more advanced, faster and more efficient than those operated by their competitors. In this aspect, Chen Hsong now provides North America with two-platen injection moulding machines which can be applied in the production of automotive household appliances and packaging products.” Aside from the North American market, Chen Hsong has also posted strong sales growth which has increased 50% in three years and continuously performing well in Europe. “From April 1, 2018 until early May, the volume of orders for our machines has increased by 40% compared to that of the whole year of 2017 in Europe,” according to Mr. Chiang.  
Aside from hydraulic two-platen plastic injection moulding machines, Chen Hsong also develops all-electric injection moulding machines. However, considering the cost and past market performance of these models, all-electric injection moulding machines will be promoted first in Mainland China in the near future instead of targeting the overseas markets. In order to build confidence of its clients, Chen Hsong will focus more on providing machines at reasonable price, an advantage that goes well with the features and quality of its machines and satisfactory services. At present, Chen Hsong operates four production bases located in Shenzhen, Shunde, Taiwan and Ningbo, and each plant has its independent technological and service teams that target different clients as well.  


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