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CIMT2017 exhibition overview

Source:Ringier Metalworking

Date Published:4/11/2017 06:04:34 PM

In the face of the digital manufacturing era, CIMT introduces a series of new technologies and products with distinctive digital production equipment
The 15th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2017), hosted by the China Machine Tool Industry Association, will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing on April 17-22, 2017.
As one of the four major international machine tool exhibition, this exhibition will continue the previous grand and wonderful. 13.1 million square meters exhibition area to attract the world's 28 countries and regions, more than 1,600 domestic and foreign enterprises to actively exhibitors. Among them, Germany, the United States, Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan and other 12 countries and regions of the machine tool associations and trade organizations to participate in the exhibition. Exhibitors stars bright, well-known machine tools inside and outside the enterprise all the scene, more exhibition of international, advanced and professional added a strong one. Rich and colorful supporting activities, but also from the multi-level, multi-angle expansion and promote the connotation and depth of the show.
The theme of this exhibition is "new demand and new supply of new power", intended to explore the integration of the two characteristics of the fourth industrial revolution in the background, the new demand, new supply, the new dynamic interaction between the three And to explore the development path under the new situation and promote the rapid development of the new industrial revolution. Exhibition theme closely related to the characteristics of the times and development needs, will cause great concern inside and outside the industry and resonance. It is believed that CIMT2017 will once again become a global manufacturing festival.
To meet the broad concern and support the development of machine tool manufacturing industry outside the requirements of those who, according to some exhibitors of the exhibition materials, the exhibits for the following review for reference.
Aspect One: Digital Manufacturing and Solutions
In the face of the advent of the digital manufacturing era, the global machine tool industry conforms to the development trend of the times and has introduced a series of new technologies and products with distinctive digital production equipment, complete network architecture, strong communication Function, flexible and compatible with the open and rich application software to achieve the NC system from the "machine controller" to "digital manufacturing control" change, CNC machine tools from the "manufacturing machine" to "digital unit" change. At the same time, some well-known enterprises to use long-term accumulation of CNC technology in the unique technical advantages and experience, the introduction of digital factory intelligent solutions to help customers from both soft and hard to promote the construction and development of digital factories.
Aspect 2: Intelligent technology
The intelligent technology of machine tool will identify, judge, control, adjust, optimize, compensate, suggest, advise, forecast, and judge the environment through the sensor and multi-information fusion technology, such as environment, processing object, processing request, processing process and equipment itself. Alarm, in order to obtain the traditional control technology in quality, efficiency, efficiency, safety and other aspects have not reached the height. Intelligent technology is the commanding heights of modern automatic control technology, which is a new important factor which constitutes the competitiveness of products. Machine tools intelligent technology in recent years, many of the results will be fully demonstrated in this exhibition. Including intelligent control technology such as temperature, speed, acceleration, load, power, quality, inertia, position, vibration, graphics, voice, processing requirements, and so on. It is very smart and delicate. The infinite charm of intelligent technology and the intelligent age are coming quickly to us.
Aspect three: efficient and automated
Efficient and automated is an important symbol of machine performance. Modern machine tools to reduce and reduce the manual participation in the production process, shorten the processing time, to achieve a long time or no one continuous and efficient production as the goal, continue to make new achievements in new progress. Efficient and automated are closely linked, efficient model design and industrial robots and modern information and automation technology, the perfect combination of the achievements of the modern high-performance equipment, high-speed development. This series of exhibitions, including the stand-alone, production units, production lines, various types of automation components, automated instrumentation components, fully demonstrated the global machine tool manufacturing outstanding innovation and manufacturing capabilities, these highly efficient and automation products with excellent The price will be you get more wealth and efficiency of the powerful tool.
Aspect four: specialization
In the face of diversified, personalized and changing market demand, specialized customized products and services have been rapid development. Many of the unique professional exhibits at the exhibition, with clear market positioning and intensive professional expertise, can be applied to multi-industry multi-sector market segments. Many exhibits are also equipped with professional application software, to further enhance the technical background of the product, and boost the effectiveness of machine tools to give full play. These professional products close to the market and customers, the greatest degree of satisfaction with the needs of personalized production, become the best choice for our customers. The rapid development of specialized machine tools reflects the global machine tool industry in the market positioning, service concept has undergone profound changes, while modern technology has also played a huge role.



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