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CIMT2017 promotion activities


Date Published:4/11/2017 05:04:55 PM

At CIMT2017, dealers will be able understand the development of machine tools, learn new technology and explore new product opportunities.
Machine tool dealer is the market network, it is an indispensable link in the industrial chain. Modern dealer business scope, is no longer a simple trading, but play the role of product and service consultants. 
From the opening of CIMT2017 there are 10 days, in Beijing Jinghai research Shengchang Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. General Manager with the assistance of Jianchang, China Machine Tool Industry Association invited Beijing in the good mechanical and electrical equipment sales center, Beijing North in the Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Company, Beijing Tianhong Jia De Trading Company and other representatives of the 19 dealers in Beijing to the Association headquarters, to discuss how to make full use of CIMT2017 platform, to seek more business opportunities for cooperation.
At the meeting, the machine tool association staff for the dealer representative interpretation of the CIMT2017 theme and exhibits highlights, hope dealers will CIMT2017 as a world tool to understand the development of machine tools, learning new technology, to explore new products, a rare opportunity.
Association representatives will also be the Association of Dealers Branch set up a year to the main work and effectiveness of the communication and report to everyone, looking forward to more companies to join the club, so that the team and the strength of the club more and more powerful.
Take advantage of such a rare opportunity for delegates to communicate with each other through the market situation. According to some dealers reflect the current market presents a good momentum; some new industries, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, aluminum processing industry prospects show a positive signal, more and more attention; seventeen central enterprises will be settled in the new security zone ; Urban shantytowns, etc., these pull the role of the future economy can not be underestimated.
In a month's time, Machine Tool Association has five cities in the country, organized seven CIMT2017 promotion, the Beijing area dealers will be a promotional campaign to draw a successful conclusion. Sincerely wish the active in the market at the forefront of the dealer in the current CIMT on the harvest of good expectations! Also look forward to the machine tool industry manufacturing enterprises, users, research institutions and institutions, in the CIMT2017 share intelligent manufacturing festival.


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