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Cost-effective forming solutions

Source:International Metalworking News for Asia - December 2017

Date Published:12/5/2017 09:12:25 PM

Yih Shen Machinery (YSM) has been developing press forming machines since the 1980’s and has built a solid foundation and strong R&D structure to drive company growth. 

Recently, the company successfully sold its high-end press forming machines to the European market. Now, the European market takes up 20% of YSM's exports, which indicates that Taiwan-made products are highly accepted in the international market.

"Our global arrangement is a good balance to our business. The primary application of our machines are in the automotive and motorcycle sectors; for manufacturing components, such as tube mounts, brakes, and headlight mounts," declared Vice-General Manager Lin Ching-Tang.

Vice-General Manager Lin Ching-Tang

Due to advanced technology and durability offered by YSM, the company's machines for both sheet and wire rods are widely recognized by customers from the automotive industry. With regards to sheet forming, YSM does not adopt the continual mold design but pre-presses the sheet and then placed into the machines for forming process, which significantly reduces waste. Together with the all-in-one forming trend now prevalent in the industry, Mr. Lin and his R&D tema have integrated presses, forming machines, tapping machines, welding equipment, and automation into one. This design has indeed helped YSM customers in keeping their costs down.

While European machinery suppliers face tough competitions nowadays, YSM is confident that their equipment can meet customers’ request. For the reason that stamping and bending lines are a competitive alternative for traditional high-speed presses because it significantly reduces waste material in production. This translates into a lower cost/part. Also, YSM’s production lines are very cost effective because they are ideal for small batch production where tool change time is very minimal, tools are inexpensive, and thereby the total cost of ownership (TCO) is very competitive. Moreover, versatility is the key nowadays. YSM’s simple "modular tooling" makes designing and manufacturing easy for the end user. The "easy to use" operating system does not call for intense training programs and could be delivered on the shop floor.

About 40% of YSM machines are for automotive and motorcycle sectors, and another 40% for miniature circuit breaker sector; the rest is for other sectors. Using YSM’s machines for increasing demand coming from Asia, or meeting the high-end eco-friendly automotive trend globally will help European producers level up their production quality and efficiency.

The latest YSM-36T strip and wire forming machine is of high processing specifications, such as the processing competence of 0.6-3.2mm wire diameter, 30mm maximal width of strip, 0.3-1.5mm thickness of strip, 250ppm of maximal forming speed, and many other advantageous features. Machine size is optimal at 2100x1000x1900mm with a total weight2.5tons.

The machine can produce all kinds of computer shrapnels and electronic/ lighting components, and fastener parts in the automotive sector. Moreover, the electric control is upgraded to PLC touch screen, so production information is shown on the screen, making all the information crystal clear to users. The forming slides are with double cams, so when forming tool returns, it will be driven by backward cam. The integration of backward cams and slide sensors prevents forming tools from stucking, protecting the equipment and prolonging the lifetime of the equipment. The machine is installed with INTERCOM automatic NC tapping made in Italy, providing tapping solution for users. Finally, YSM-36T is capable of achieving two kinds of tasks: forming and tapping.

Yih Shen Machinery (YSM)

Tel: +886-4-23375168 



Contact Person: Lin Ching-Tang


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