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Davis-Standard to show multiple equipment solutions at T-Plas 2015

Source:Ringier Plastics

Date Published:8/22/2015 02:08:29 PM

Specific to the Thai market, Davis-Standard offers multiple equpiment solutions for medical tubing and cast film applications.

Davis-Standard will promote technology across all product lines at T-Plas 2015. With the company’s growing presence in Thailand, Davis-Standard  offers multiple equpiment solutions for medical tubing and cast film applications. Davis-Standard ‘s  subsidiary in Suzhou also has an in-house laboratory that features a high-speed FPVC extrusion system and multipurpose microbore tubing line to support process development.

Davis-Standard has always played a significant role in Southeast Asia’s cast lamination film market as the first company to supply 5-layer systems and machines over 5 meters wide. With the market continuously evolving in demands for improved physical/barrier properties and lower operating costs drive structures to more and more layers, Davis-Standard addresses that need with a new extrusion complex that allows converters to produce CPE and CPP while having the capability to process films with as many as six or seven layers.

Davis-Standard at T-Plas 2015

The FPVC laboratory line in Suzhou is capable of speeds from 5 to 100mpm for processing 2mm to 8mm OD tubing with accuracy of +/- 50u. Line components include an extruder, water-cooling, precision internal air supply, OD gauge and combination puller-cutter. The multipurpose micro bore tubing line is designed for single or dual layer tubing, and single lumen tubing with or without a stripe. It is equipped with two extruders,  an  OD/ID wall thickness measuring and controlling system, close loop control via vacuum sizing tank and puller, and a high level central control system. Both lines are available for customer trials and R&D applications.  

Davis-Standard is also committed to the region’s automotive industry, partnering with OEM’s to supply polymer and elastomer solutions.The company has sold numerous barrier and non-barrier lines in Asia. By providing product warantees and process development to customers around the world, Davis-Standard has helped automotive partners push the limits with seven- to eight-layer tubing lines.

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