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Delta provides fastest DC EV charger in Singapore

Source:Ringier Metalworking Date:2020-07-09
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The fast charger unveiled on 1 July 2020 is the first of its kind in Singapore and the nation's fastest public commercial DC charger for taxis and EV owners.
The 100 kilowatt (kW) power output, Delta Ultra Fast Charger is located in ComfortDelGro Engineering's Loyang branch and can fast charge up to two vehicles at any one time.
If two EVs are being charged simultaneously, the charging station's power output is at least 50kW, enabling each EV to get a full charge in 30 minutes.
The Delta Ultra Fast Charger has a modular and future-proof system design that can easily upgrade later up to 150kW output power and can charge up to four EVs at once (two EVs DC charging and two EVs AC charging). It is a multi-standard, non-discriminative charger suitable for all available EVs today and in the foreseeable future.
Cecilia Ku, General Manager of Delta Electronics Int'l (Singapore), said: "With close to 50 years of experience in energy management and power technologies, Delta aims to provide our customer a one-stop service in building a future-proofed, more versatile and cost-efficient EV charging infrastructure solution."
Ang Soo Hock, CEO of ComfortDelGro Engineering, said: "While the interest in EVs continues to grow as more are looking to switch to greener options, charging time of EVs is still a key consideration. We hope that the introduction of faster charging solutions can help to alleviate those concerns and contribute to the development of a robust EV ecosystem in Singapore."
As a smart solutions provider in Singapore, Delta is supporting Singapore's electrification with its smart and efficient EV charging solutions that support e-mobility in green smart cities of the future. 


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