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Designed for effortless use and less cost

Source:FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal

Date Published:11/5/2019 04:11:01 PM

Videojet Technologies coding and marking solutions zero in on simplicity, efficiency and productivity  

VIDEOJET has designed their latest models around two fronts: making them user-centric and responsive to cost concerns. This results in models that are easy to run, efficient to use and friendly on the pocket.

The company’s latest innovations have simplicity at their very core from the interface, the design, down to maintenance, all designed to help improve uptime, and drive productivity, quality and efficiency.

The interface

“We call it SIMPLICiTY™, a tablet-inspired user interface,” explained Steve Bijok, Senior Distributor Manager TH, VN, ANZ at Videojet Technologies. “When Videojet developed the interface, we had focus groups using the printer and we had cameras watching the people interact with the machine. We made the interface simpler so that people that are not inkjet specialists can get work done quickly and efficiently.

Driving uptime, efficiency

The Videojet 1580 continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer that comes with a 10-inch touchscreen display is one of its latest models which works “very much like an Android phone or iPhone” according to Vorrathep Vongsthapat, Managing Director at Videojet Technologies partner in Thailand, Tomco Automatic Machinery Co. Ltd. “It’s very intuitive. Even if you don’t know how to operate a machine, you can follow the icons and use it.”  

The Videojet 1580 continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer with 10-inch touchscreen display features the SIMPLICiTY™ interface, easy-to-replace Videojet SmartCell™ components, and the optional CleanFlow™ technology which is designed to resist ink build-up.

The printer model can help reduce human error. Its advanced Code Assurance capability offers intelligent message creation, and customisable interfaces with built-in wizards that lets operators only see the options they need, reducing potential human-caused errors.

“It provides predictive maintenance because of the new ink delivery system that we have,” reveals Mr Vongsthapat. A built-in make-up reserve tank allows the printer to run for a minimum eight hours after the cartridge is empty, giving operators ample notice to replace it during normal line changeovers or shutdowns. Because of its perforated nozzle with optional Videojet CleanFlow™ technology, the model requires less frequent cleaning and delivers longer runs and consistent print performance. In addition, Videojet SmartCell™ colour-coded printer components are engineered for predictable replacement intervals to align with normal line shutdowns and no additional production downtime.

Production uptime is one of the major concerns of companies sourcing for coding and marking solutions. “We understand our customers’ needs and wants to ensure that our equipment set new standards in this important production metric,” said Mr Vongsthapat. 

Another new release, the 6230 Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) features a simple cassette design that allows for long production runs. Its 700m ribbon length is typically 40% longer than those used for hot-stamp printers, and requires fewer changes versus other competitive TTO systems. The airless printer design not only eliminates the need for compressed air, but features fewer wear parts by excluding air hoses and connectors.  Printer components are fast and easy to replace to help ensure that production is up and running as quickly as possible. The unique printhead is also designed for maximum uptime because it’s easy to change and requires no additional operator intervention to return to printing functionality.

The 6230 Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) has a simple cassette design that allows for long production runs.

Open protocol

Integration to existing production lines is another big concern of companies, Mr Vongsthapat shared. “Aside from being easy and efficient to use, Videojet equipment is also easy to integrate. Because we have an open protocol, it can connect to many programmable logic controller systems in the market.”

With the different options from Videojet like the Thermal Inkjet and TTO, the printer can fit in even in small spaces.

24/7 service

Another concern that customers have is after-sales service, said Mr Bijok.  “The best machine in the world is useless when it breaks down and need servicing, and you have to wait days for somebody to come and fix it. This is where Videojet and Tomco are very strong in because Tomco has the largest fleet of service engineers in Thailand.”

“We have more than 10 service centers across Thailand, which is why we can support our customers nationwide,” confirmed Mr Vongsthapat. “We also extend beyond—to Laos and Myanmar. In Myanmar, we now have two offices in Yangon and Mandalay under Alliance Packaging Co., Ltd. Part of our aftersales mission is to proactively educate our customers on proper preventive maintenance, helping them understand root causes and providing them with the right solutions. Over the past 29 years that we’ve partnered with Videojet, one of our common goals is constantly finding ways to best service our customers.”

“We’ve been able to offer a wide range of marking and coding technologies and solutions,” said Mr Bijok. “We don’t just sell inkjet printers. We also sell laser marking systems, thermal transfer overprinters, as well as print and apply and large character printers for shipping cartons. Our customers can count on us as partners to help them identify the best solution for their requirements, plus the after-sales service—that means we have an excellent value proposition for our customers.”

From left, Vorrathep Vongsthapat, Managing Director at Videojet Technologies partner in Thailand, Tomco Automatic Machinery Co. Ltd, and Steve Bijok, Senior Distributor Manager TH, VN, ANZ at Videojet Technologies.

End-product cost

Marking and coding with smart printer impact end-product cost on varying degrees said Mr Vongsthapat. “Taking the Videojet DataFlex® 6530 and 6330 as an example, some models comes with the Videojet iAssure™ technology which has a viewing camera to detect the print quality so that it can help reject substandard products. This technology helps our customers reduce product waste and rework by automatically checking every code with no additional hardware, installation or training.”

 “The value that the customer enjoys by selecting the right coding and marking solution means that the cost of the equipment and their running costs are actually offset by the fact that they can increase their production by being more efficient, more reliable and committing less mistakes,” Mr Bijok explained. “The cost of a printer can be tripled or quadrupled if the wrong date code is put on a product and has to be recalled from the market. So that’s where we see we can add value by improving efficiency and reliability in the coding process for our end customers.”

Market outlook is good

“The next five years would see continued concentration on tracking and traceability,” said Mr Vongsthapat. “Customers will remain concerned about the products in the market, which raw material, processing and packaging will be used, and where it will be shipped. Our solutions and Videojet equipment are complete and we can integrate with any track and trace solutions that the customer requires.

“In addition to that is brand protection where manufacturers are worried of the brand damage caused due to coding errors and product recalls.” said Mr. Bijok. “But we will continue to see manufacturers wanting to improve their productivity, efficiency and reduce their production cost by increasing automation. Manufacturers are looking to automate their process to reduce labour costs. We’re very optimistic that over the next five years, we will continue to see strong growth where customers are investing in, not just maintaining their existing equipment, but also purchasing new equipment so they can expand their operations.



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