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Diverse nutraceutical portfolios support TCI’s capabilities

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Date Published:11/22/2016 08:11:15 PM

Mandy Chen, senior sales manager of TCI Co Ltd, speaks on the company’s strengths in contract manufacturing  

TCI is a leading contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, functional drinks and skincare in Taiwan. For over 30 years, TCI has been collaborating with numerous global companies, including 350 brands in the food & beverage and personal care industries, helping them improve their products, and essentially the quality of life. In addition to contract manufacturing, this company is also a research developer with strong technical background.

Experienced and flexible contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturers play a very critical role in the manufacture of products, especially, food and health products. With its extensive experience in this sector, TCI is able to deliver a total solution from concept design to manufacturing.

Mandy Chen who is senior sales manager at TCI, says that TCI is not only fully equipped with the technical expertise but with the technology to produce and deliver according to the expectations of its clientele. TCI is all about taking a task on contract and then supplying the finished product as discussed at the time of closing the deal. In addition, the company can substantially help clients save a huge capital investment to set up manufacturing of their own.

Mandy Shen, senior sales manager at TCI

Mandy Shen, senior sales manager at TCI

TCI is responsible for delivering the finished product which is completed based on a customer’s own set of standards, as a matter of course. In addition, the company can easily adapt and support volume fluctuation. Ms Chen says, “We specialize in supporting tailored volumes with the ability to adapt to changes in demand. We do not segregate the work but tap internal systems with beneficial synergies to find solutions and an ideal manufacturing flow for each project.” The sheer flexibility of delivering as per the requirement of the client is what makes TCI such a sought after location for contractual manufacturing.

Database with rich successful portfolios

Traditional approaches for nutraceutical portfolios development have proven ineffective and therefore it is important to encourage new methodologies and to increase the numbers of studies in order to speed up the process required to develop an effective portfolio. Consequently, a large number of studies on nutraceutical portfolios are being generated. They include the design and formulation of portfolios, the doses, the test animals used, and so on. This makes it difficult to compare the studies adequately. It is important to continue to monitor the ever-growing number of data generated by researchers working to understand the complexity of nutraceutical portfolios and to follow up the ongoing research in different trials.

To begin to address this issue, TCI has constructed a searchable relational database that contains a massive volume of portfolios in order to fulfill an ever-increasing demand from clients. The TCI database represents thousands of successful nutraceutical portfolios, including various types of dietary supplements, functional drinks and skin care. The database allows TCI product developers, formulators and researchers easy access to descriptive content for each ingredient. It also helps them discover other essential characteristics needed to quickly locate their desired ingredients and order portfolios.

According to Ms Chen, TCI maintains quality standards and follows strict procedures as specified by the client to deliver high quality products that are then exported to the client’s country. In addition, TCI is ready to expand its production in order to meet increased as well as new demands. The company is currently serving over 350 brands and products available in 39 countries. Over the years, it has developed more than 1,835 portfolios and generated 978 million market values. TCI has gained an average portfolio growth of 108 percent annually.

TCI’s Synergene a revolutionary technology

With the TCI’s database composed of functional genomic data generated from the development of over a thousand successful nutraceutical and comeceutical portfolios, TCI’s Synergene™ can precisely identify the functional genes affected by dietary supplements and topical intervention to enhance the understanding in functional genomics. Consequently, this allows the company’s nutraceutical formulators to develop highly function-specific products effectively and also maximize the portfolio potentials by leveraging the synergistic potential in diversified formulations.

Some of TCI’s successful products

Phytanics™ Vita-Botanico Liquid Concentrate

Phytanics™ Vita-Botanico Liquid Concentrate can optimize the relative expression of anti-oxidation genes, such as SOD, GSH-Px, GSH-Rd, CAT, GSH and it can substantially enhance one’s immunity. Consequently, it improves his or her level of holistic health and wellness.

Phytanics™ Vita-Botanico Liquid Concentrate

Phytanics™ Vita-Botanico Liquid Concentrate

Phytanics™ Vita-Botanico Powder Mix

Phytanics™ Vita-Botanico Powder Mix can leverage the synergism among plant extracts and also optimize the relative expression of anti-oxidation genes. It exhibits remarkably higher level of cellular anti-oxidant activity compared to common plant extracts.

TCI633™ Probiotic Powder

TCI633™ Probiotic Powder is the proprietary probiotic strand S. thermophilus isolated from collected human breast milk. It is a lactic acid bacterium that can regulate digestive health and alleviate symptoms for joint discomforts.

Smartea™ Green Tea Powder Mix

Smartea™ Green Tea Powder Mix is an instant powder drink that incorporates cognitive- enhancing ingredients. It can enhance one to combat psychological stress and cognitive functions.

COptimalTM Liquid Collagen Formula

COptimalTM Liquid Collagen Formula

Turbo07™ Aqua Amino

Turbo07™ Aqua Amino is designed to simulate the effect of the ketogenic diet without the need to go through the dietary routine. TUROB07™ prioritizes the body’s utilization of stored fat energy and therefore it helps the body become very efficient in burning fat and ketones for fuel instead of carbohydrates.

Range of services

TCI’s services include formulation, proprietary raw material development, turnkey products, stability and safety assessment, intellectual property protection, regulatory compliance check, efficacy validation, packaging solutions, and China Market total solutions. TCI has the necessary infrastructure, manpower, know-how and experience to begin the production process and help the client expand and meet the global demand.

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