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Dubai to host coffee symposium

Source:Food Bev Asia

Date Published:1/9/2019 05:01:40 PM

The first Europe and Middle East Coffee Symposium takes place in Dubai in November 2019.  

CELEBRATING UAE as a global coffee destination, Allegra Events will hold the first Europe and Middle East Coffee Symposium at the FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai on 11-13 November 2019.

The event will gather coffee shop operators, roasters and suppliers to learn about UAE’s Arabic coffee traditions and new concepts.

Dubai has developed into a centre for Middle East’s coffee, the firm said. In the early 2000s, coffee chains including Starbucks, Costa Coffee, and McDonalds led to the rapid growth of the café culture that is present today. Local speciality brands like Coffee Planet, Orbis Coffee Roastery, and Tom & Serg remain popular brands.

Allegra said the Middle East branded coffee shop market grew 7.3% in 2018; by 2023 the region will have 12,720 outlets. The UAE, which has 1,100-plus branded coffee shop outlets, saw its market grow 8.5% in 2018, and the number of outlets will reach 1,760 by 2023.

Allegra also said that Saudi Arabia is the Middle East’s fastest-growing market at 9.6%;  Kuwait’s highly developed branded coffee shop sector, grew at 8.9%.

Source: Allegra World Coffee Portal






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