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DuPont Nutrition launches brewing enzyme

Source:FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal

Date Published:3/23/2020 08:03:41 PM

The LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G filtration enzyme is a new solution especially for brewers in Australia.  

The new LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G filtration enzyme can maximise beer flow, especially on barley, which is a common ingredient in Australia, says DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences.

For the large-scale brewer, it’s all about keeping cost under control while ensuring a high and consistent throughput. Modern brewing enzymes can help provide solutions to many of the inherent challenges in beer brewing today – from faster processing and limiting CAPEX to reducing environmental impact by saving energy.

Using a special combination of β-glucanase and xylanase, DuPont™ LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G is developed with a particular focus on beer filtration and the suitability for use with all conventional types of separation equipment used.

LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G enzyme solution from DuPont

LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G is highly efficient in reducing high-molecular weight β-glucan and pentosan levels in all types of wort, making mash separation and beer filtration much easier and faster due to the reduction in wort viscosity.

Improving mash separation and beer filtration enables brewers to increase brewhouse yield and reduce energy and water associated with filter cleaning. As a result, brewers can reduce the use of water – both in the brewhouse and throughout the supply chain – allowing them to make gains in their sustainability goals. The benefits of using LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G include approximately 0.10 percent higher brewhouse yield, 0.15 percent lower beer losses and 17.5 percent higher throughput at beer filtration.

Jens Eiken, global product manager for Brewing Enzymes in DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences explains, “If you aim for a production output of several hundreds of thousands of hectoliters of beer, what you really need is a solution to keep things flowing. This solution is very favorable for high-gravity brewing.”

Brewers care about one thing above all: the overall quality of the beer they brew. But there are many challenges to face along the way, one of which is to avoid any risk of off-flavor formation when applying brewing enzymes. Using LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G can minimize the risk of off-flavor in the finished beer compared to other filtration enzymes on the market. The level of ferulic acid is markedly lower when the brewers apply LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G as their brewing enzyme of choice.

Better beer filtration and the reduced risk of filter cake collapse also will mean that cleaning operations need to take place much less frequently, allowing brewers to reduce the number of time-consuming and costly production stops and secure “right-the-first-time”-approach.

DuPont™ Danisco® is the brand for a range of ingredients that help provide enhanced bioprotection, an improved nutritional profile, and better taste and texture with greater cost efficiency and lower environmental impact, meeting the needs of manufacturers of food and beverages, dietary supplements and pet food.

Through the work of the global network of food scientists and technologists in DuPont, the Danisco® range is supported by a uniquely broad spectrum of know-how across applications and processing.


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