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ENGEL has a new agent in Chile

Source:Plastics News Asia

Date Published:1/14/2020 03:01:22 PM

NOBLECORP (Servicios Tecnicos Industriales SPA) is the representative of ENGEL AUSTRIA in Chile.    
Technical molding and packaging are the dominant sectors in the plastics industry in Chile, both of which pose high demands on injection molding processes. The aim is to combine high quality and performance with efficiency and low unit costs. With injection molding machines, intelligent process technologies and a high degree of automation competency, ENGEL has established itself in these market segments.
Euromaq had been representing ENGEL products and technologies in Chile for many years. Now that the trading company is withdrawing from the injection moulding market, ENGEL is repositioning itself in Chile. NOBLECORP (Servicios Tecnicos Industriales SPA) is the new representation of ENGEL AUSTRIA in Chile. The two partners are expanding their cooperation. NOBLECORP is already successful in Peru on behalf of the Austrian injection molding machine manufacturer and system solution provider. NOBLECORP works closely with ENGEL experts in customer consulting and project planning. The NOBLECORP team receives intensive training at ENGEL's headquarters in Austria.
Like ENGEL, NOBLECORP is a family business boasting over 70 years of company history. The location in Chile is managed by Jean Paul Cohn. Sara Barbón is responsible for ENGEL customers.


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