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Enhancing product differentiation

Source:International Plastics News for Asia

Date Published:7/2/2019 02:07:00 PM

PolyOne showed off its inspiration for product designs via a display area called CMF (color, material, finish) Walls at CHINAPLAS 2019  
Several recent developments in the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sector are worth looking at given the substantial R&D efforts allocated by leading industry players into this area. For the packaging sector, these material innovations are directed at brand owners whose need for product differentiation has become more urgent given the tough competition today. 
At the recently concluded CHINAPLAS 2019, many new materials took centre stage and these materials innovations were displayed prominently at the Design X Innovation where the big players in performance materials gathered to present their latest products. At this event, PolyOne was one of the sponsors where the company showed off its inspiration for product designs via a display area called CMF (color, material, finish) Walls, a Design Forum where presenters  discussed sustainability, and held a Designers' Night networking event.
For the CMF Inspiration Walls, PolyOne showcased its innovative polymer technologies with featured products that include leading-edge materials and colourants that can enhance product appearance, performance and functionality to help solve manufacturing challenges and win competitive advantage in the marketplace.  “As a leading provider of specialty polymers, we are pleased to showcase our innovative and sustainable solutions that help customers differentiate their products and win in the market,” said Woon-Keat Moh, Vice President Asia, PolyOne. “Our solutions enhance appearance and performance, and allow more design flexibility across multiple industries.
Among the specialised polymer solutions are: OnFlex™ TPE for Low VOC Odour Solutions, engineered to improve vehicle interior air quality (VIAQ) and reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 50% and fogging by 35% versus existing TPEs for HVAC applications; Long Fibre Thermoplastic formulations that can replace metal and remove weight, inspiring designers to create stronger, tougher and lighter products with better performance; OnColor™ FX™ Metallic Effects that deliver a long lasting, like-new appearance and a differentiating effect with a higher reflection value; 2020 Color Inspiration Visionary Collection that is aligned with global megatrends and includes four progressive and dynamic colour palettes; ColorMatrix™ Ultimate™ UV Light Barrier is a UV absorbing additive technology for PET packaging that extends shelf life for UV sensitive food, beverage, personal care and home cleaning products; Smartbatch™ Frost Collection, when added to PET resins, can replace spray-on or painted frost effects to provide a soft, cool and icy look with texture for slip-resistance;  Plenstar™ Formulations for FR Cable that give telecommunication plenum applications the flame and smoke performance required to meet UL approvals; and Geon™ FX Metal pre-coloured vinyl that helps customer achieve a beautiful metallic appearance without the limitations, costs and environmental challenges of paint.
At the event, PolyOne announced the launch of its new Smartbatch™ Frost Collection, a translucent colour series for PET bottle.  Developed in response to increasing demand from regional brands in China and other parts of Asia for greater product differentiation, this collection of colour and additive formulations also offers to streamline production and reduce manufacturing cost.
“Brand owners in Asia continually seek to increase consumer engagement by visually differentiating their PET packaging,” said Say Eng Lee, general manager, Color & Additives Asia at PolyOne. “We’ve developed the Frost Collection to enable brands to create high-end, sophisticated, and engaging bottles in a wide range of colour options that also expand design freedom and cost effectiveness.”
When added to PET resins during the injection stretch-blow moulding (ISBM) process, Smartbatch Frost Collection provides a soft, cool, and icy look with better slip-resistant performance than typical PET bottles. The new masterbatch can be used in all PET bottles, including those for water, beverage and personal care packaging.


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