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Feedback from the Show's Exhibitors


Date Published:1/20/2009 11:01:54 AM

Steve R Cahoon Global Sales Manager Gala Industries Tel: +1-540 884-2589 Fax: +1-540 884 2310 E-mail: Website:

Gala is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal dryers and pelletizing systems worldwide, and offers custom designed turn-key pellet production systems for thermoplastics, engineered resins, TPU, HMA and compounding applications. For this event, we presented the Gala Underwater Pelletizing Technology. Depending on the requirements of our customers, we manufacture machines of various ranges for different polymers. Our machine is superior to others because it can produce good round pellet, ranging from 0.2 mm - 12.0mm. The unit also has low maintenance and production cost. We have our headquarters in United States in Virginia, while another one is located in Germany, In Thailand, we have Gala Asia. We participated in this event last year and the response was very good that we decided to exhibit again. The market is now emerging in Vietnam and we believe in growing with the market. Aside from Vietnam, we have strong sales in India and Japan. Such confidence we have on Asia is reflected in the setting up of Gala Asia in Thailand. But several factors could affect our operations and one is the price of raw materials. We need a lot of stainless steel for high quality and the price of steel has risen significantly in the past few years, and it's hard to compete with say China or Taiwan manufacturers. But then Gala is extremely strong in process knowledge and our after-sales service is excellent to enable us to keep our customers.

C.W. Toh CEO Chuan Durn Plastic Industries Pte. Ltd Tel: +65 6265 2114 Fax: +65 6265 9480 E-mail: Website:

For this show, we exhibited our Wood Plastic Composite WPC. This is composed of 70% wood fiber and 30% polymer, and ideal for injection, extrusion and manufacture of houseware. WPC is a good alternative to wood and the material is now gaining popularity in the industrial and commercial sectors. WPC is waterproof, fungus free and termite free. Customer can also get it fireproof. WPC has been in the market for more than 10 years but most companies are making it by combining wood with PVC and they use wood fiber maximum of up to 40-50% and we use it to a ratio of 70% to make our product better and cheaper. It is also eco-friendly since waste materials are put to good use. The management team of Chuan Durn Plastic brings 60 years of combined experience in plastics, in engineering and also in the building industry. We have an operation in Singapore, and we have been exporting for the past 20 years to Asian markets including China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. We plan to expand and for us, China and India hold promising prospects. We are exhibiting for the first time in Vietnam as we believe there is potential for household products having recycled waste content here. But with polymer price being high - at about $1,000 per ton, so we are proposing to have our product replace some of these recycled materials.

Arnold Sillipp Regional Sales Manager Starlinger Tel: +86 10 6590 0633 (China office) E-mail: Website:

Starlinger is a world leader for machinery used in plastic woven bag industry. We do turnkey factories - we are able to supply all machines that are necessary to produce woven bags starting from extrusion, weaving, laminating, and printing, to conversion. We also have another division for plastic recycling where we make machines that recycle all kinds of plasIrene Garcia Noren

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