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Films in 3-DNew-generation thermoforming machines yield greater output


Date Published:6/5/2008 04:06:12 PM

Thermoforming is a preferred method for the mass production of packaging units.
Thermoforming is a preferred method for the mass production of packaging units. As before the trend to PP in plastic cup production remains unchanged. The growth rates here are over 7 %. That is one reason for manufacturers of automatic thermoforming machines to become acquainted with the demands arising from PP processing. Tailored packaging solutions The Italian company Al.Ma. Srl, Cadorago, has established itself with its thermoforming packaging lines in the steadily growing 揻orm-fill-seal?packaging segment, that is to say the continuous inline packaging of non-food items. All packaging lines are designed to meet customer requirements which results in avoidance of waste and hence in optimized packaging of the products in question. Specific engineering solutions ensure rapid exchange of molds and the optimized forming of all blister geometries in uniform material thicknesses. All the peripheral


equipment needed, such as antistatic devices, pick- &-place units for inserting usage instructions or even sensors for monitoring the filling process, are available as options. The company will be exhibiting a machine for producing blister packs for industrial products (Fig. 1). Very quiet running “Technology in a double pack?is being demonstrated by Gabler Thermoform GmbH & Co. KG, L黚eck, Germany, and others including its global technology associate, Lyle Industries Inc., Beaverton, Michigan, USA. Requirements here are twofold. On the one hand, for processing thermoplastics such as PET precisely controlled thermoforming stations having high locking forces are indispensable and, on the other hand, the manufacturers demand machine technology combining high output rates with flexibility and unlimited scope for automation. On its own exhibition stand a multi-station system will be running that meets customer requirements for useof the most favorable molds. This technology is distinguished by very high locking forces and the degree of parallelism of the thermoforming and punching stations, the mold exchange system allowing high machine availability and great product diversity. The new counter-rotation principle employed for the drive motors ensures very quiet running of the 揻ocus?(form, cut and stack; Fig.2) automatic hermoforming machine. The new technology should ensure the efficient production of bowls and lids from poly-propylene and APET. Due to the optimization of all movement sequences and the use of modern servo drive and control technology the installation attains the desired output rates. A second machine is presented on the exhibition stand of its associate company Bosch Sprang B.V., Sprang-Capelle, Netherlands. The M98 is a development of the technology in the tilting process. The installation possesses resized maximum cutting forces and is of stable design in the region of the thermoforming station without limiting the possibilities required for automation. As a result output rates of over 100,000 PP drinking cups per hour are achievable in the tilting machine sector. For high volumes Kiefel GmbH, Freilassing, Germany, isAir Jordan XI 11 High

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