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FIMIC: Filtration technology for HDPE material

Source:Plastics News Asia

Date Published:3/16/2020 05:03:10 PM

FIMIC filtration products enable recyclers to process HDPE materials at sustained high performance and lower cost.
HDPE material is always a challenge for recycling process because the HDPE material is stiffer, and not easily processed by the machine compared to other polymers.  
To ensure reliable output from the extruder, good filtration performance and high quality of pellets at the same time when recycling HDPE material, filtration plays an important role in the whole extruding process. FIMIC is famous for its ability to come up with filtration products for controlling the pressure during operation, maintain stable filtration performance and high output at the same time. Thanks to the wide filtration surface and easy operation of FIMIC filter, the operational temperature can be controlled successfully, which in turn helps recyclers tremendously to produce high quality pellets without degradation. 
FIMIC filter is widely installed for different types of material. For HDPE material, many recyclers choose FIMIC to help them do the difficult job. Not only for new machines, FIMIC also helped many recyclers to replace the original filter on the extrusion line to improve the whole recycling performance: low operational pressure and temperature, low melt loss and low operational cost to produce high quality recycled pellets. 
One of the HDPE recyclers in Italy that is also a producer of underground pipes has been able to enhance its operations. The quality of the HDPE recycled pellets to be used back to the pipe production line has to be high quality, with excellent filtration performance and without degradation of polymers. This recycler chose FIMIC filter model RAS 700 to recycle HDPE pipe regrind at the melting flow index 0.4~0.5 g/10’ at 5 kg. Using filtration screen 100 microns and reach 1.6~1.8 tons per hour at the operational pressure of 140~150 bars only. 
Another HDPE recycler that is recycling HDPE bottle, jerry can and canister regrinds of MFI 0.4~0.5 g/10’ at 2.16kg is using FIMIC RAS 700 to recycle the material to reach output of 3 tons per hour with filtration screen 200 microns. Operational pressure is at 140~150 bars.  
To maintain the low operational pressure, good control in temperature setting and reach high output when processing this HDPE material, it is really a big challenge for the filtration unit, but FIMIC filter can easily do the job. In addition, the contamination inherent in the HDPE regrind such as un-melted plastics, wood, paper label and aluminum foil, can be easily cleaned by FIMIC’s scraper technology, which also guarantees control to achieve low level melt loss.  
Some updates related to the coronavirus emergency
FIMIC is continuing its everyday activity and operation, with no delays whatsoever. All projects proceed as per scheduled timings, as well as production and deliveries. All FIMIC employees, collaborators, suppliers and families are fine and were not infected by the virus. In a time of profound criticality, FIMIC is doing its utmost to let all operations proceed in the best way, hoping that this situation will stop at the soonest.
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