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Foaming creamers for café-style instant coffee

Source:Ringier Food

Date Published:11/29/2017 06:11:24 PM

FrieslandCampina based its new foaming creamers on focus group results conducted in South East Asia where millennials are the driving force behind the growth of instant coffee mix category.

THE TREND is hot for instant coffee mixes, and South East Asia accounts for the biggest share of this market. The region’s millennials are driving growth in the coffee bar culture, and expected to contribute to a 37% growth in value of instant coffee mixes by 2021.

Manufacturers of instant coffee targeting the SEA region should note that millennials prefer Italian specialties over plain black coffee. To capture the essence of Italian brews in their instant coffee, manufacturers have to replicate the qualities of café-style foaming beverages. Foaming creamers such as the new range from FrieslandCampina can help add these qualities to instant coffee.

In developing its new foaming creamers, FrieslandCampina Kievit consulted extensive focus groups in Indonesia and the Philippines to understand the needs of millennial consumers. It found that in South East Asia, instant coffee has long been seen as a ‘hero’ in everyday consumption and continues to be seen as such. Comparing instant versus out-of-home coffee experiences, focus group participants concluded that the advantages of instant – practical, convenient, affordable, and standardised taste – outweighed the disadvantages.

Instant coffee latte macchiato with rich foamy creamer

Rich foaming creamer in instant coffee latte macchiato 

When it comes to foam, the focus groups showed clear variation in target groups. Coffee with foam was preferred by millennials in their twenties and thirties, who like to drink coffee for social purposes while meeting up with friends. Coffee without foam was preferred by older males in their forties and fifties who drink coffee for the purposes of getting things done. As this millennial audience grows and ages, FrieslandCampina Kievit developed corresponding foaming creamers tailored to their wants and needs, making the enjoyable experience of foam available at home, in the office or on the go.

With the new foaming creamer range, FrieslandCampina Kievit offers a portfolio that can answer different needs, starting with two brand new products: Vana®-Cappa X960 offers white and crème colour, intense rich flavour and stable and spoonable foam, while Vana®-Cappa X760 provides a milky, creamy flavour and velvety foam, all aimed to meet consumer needs. Vana®-Cappa 22W provides a strong roasted coffee flavour and sweetness, and creates fine foam for consumers looking for sweet indulgence, while Vana®-Cappa 25T provides a milky flavour, creamy colour, and stable foam for consumers wanting firmer textures.

Commenting on the study and the resulting foaming creamer portfolio, Luc Steenwelle, Product Group Manager Beverages SEAP, said: “Whenever we develop new products, we always look at the changing preferences of end-consumers. The focus groups were conducted with the explicit purpose of creating products that consumers want and need. There is a real need among consumers and our clients for innovative and premium foaming concepts to expand the market, inspired by a growing out-of-home channel that is only projected to grow in the future.”

With this range, consumers can enjoy a relaxing afternoon with a frothy matcha latte, feel refreshed with an iced cappuccino, and create a classic combination of chocolate and orange, perfect for the winter season.



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