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Food Japan 2018 product showcase

Source:Ringier Food

Date Published:10/8/2018 08:10:28 AM

Formerly known as Oishii Japan, Food Japan 2018 will be held at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall 401-402 from 25 to 27 October 2018. 

Food Japan is ASEAN's most prolific showcase of authentic Japanese food and beverage (F&B) products, culinary techniques and novel technologies. Formerly known as Oishii Japan, Food Japan 2018 will be held at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall 401-402 from 25 to 27 October 2018.

Over 200 exhibitors are expected to attend Food Japan 2018, which will play host to specialities from various Japanese prefectures including:

Agricultural Legal Parson Farm Kazuto (Nagano Prefecture) - Booth C10

Farm Kazuto’s sweet fruit corn is grown at an altitude of 900m above sea level in North Nagano prefecture and harvested during summer mornings when temperature is only 15°Celsius. The runoff from melted snow and the abundance of minerals pours into the well-drained lands. Using “brine freezing” technology – a liquid rapid freezing methodology – the harvested fruit corns are froze with an anti-frozen liquid of minus 30°Celsius. This ensures that the fruit corns stay fresh and crunchy while retaining their natural sweetness and umami flavour.

Sweet fruit corn from Farm Kazuto 

Daito Seito (Chiba Prefecture) - Booth E09

Grown in the Amami Islands, Sudaki Sugar is made from 100% sugar cane extract for that authentic sugar cane flavour. Carefully heated to give it a pale amber colour, it is distinguished by its superior sweetness, which makes it delicious even for direct consumption. Sudaki Sugar has a low risk of botulinum, which makes it safe for consumption by infants and babies. It has a wide range of uses including cooking, confectionaries, coffee, tea, baby food and more. In 2008, Sudaki Sugar became the first sugar to be awarded the Monde Selection Gold Medal.

Sudaki Sugar

Karashiya Shiro Corp (Saitama Prefecture) - Booth E18

By mixing with water before use, karashi (Japanese mustard) becomes more pungent with a hint of sweetness, which is characteristic of oriental mustard. Even in small doses, it gives dishes a strong hot and spicy flavour. Karashiya uses a patented process that removes oil from the mustard seed, enhancing its taste and pungency as well as ensuring a longer shelf life. Best enjoyed as a traditional spice of Japanese cuisine, Washoku, tokuyo karashi is a popular condiment used for popular Japanese dishes like Tonkatsu, Oden, Natto and Gyoza.

 Karashiya Japanese mustard

Morinaga Nutritional Foods (Singapore) - Booth C01

CREAP Full Dairy Creaming Powder is Japan's only creaming powder product derived from dairy ingredients. CREAP is vegetable-oil free, sugar-free and free from emulsifier, pH adjuster and flavor. Its full dairy properties creates a creamy taste and full milky flavor in various food applications. It dissolves easily and completely with liquid beverages, reducing the coagulation of protein thanks to its Morinaga’s innovative technology with excellent heat stability. CREAP also adds a natural sweetness to coffee and beverages as well as many other applications such as confectionery, bakery and even frozen foods.

CREAP Full Dairy Creaming Powder

Nihon Seien (Kanagawa Prefecture) - Booth B02

Available in salt and pepper, curry, italian, yuzu, lemon, dashi, garlic and its latest pickled plum flavour, Saien (colourful salt) is a new type of cooking salt seasoning which is a blend of high quality salts, carefully selected spices, and umami ingredients made from natural bread yeast extract. Best consumed with a light sprinkle on meals to enhance dishes with a rich flavour and taste.

Cooking salt in a variety of flavours 

Rokko Butter (Hyogo Prefecture) - Booth D21

Rokko Butter is a top brand among cheese companies in Japan. Using carefully selected, high-quality raw ingredients from Japan and Australia, Rokko Butter currently produces over 300 cheese products, for both household and professional use. This includes its leading processed cheese product, Emina Cheese Dessert, which is available in rum & raisins, vanilla, rich nuts and rich berry flavours.

Rokko cheese products

Shimane Organic Farm (Shimane Prefecture) - Booth E27

Available in yuzu and mixed salt flavours, Shimane Organic Farm’s original spice products, Japaice, are made only from organic ingredients, domestically grown in Japan. This ensures that its products are natural and made without using of preservatives, colourings or flavourings. Recommended for use in soups and noodles as a delicious addition to any meal, ideal for both business use and consumption by end-users. Also launching for the first time, Shimane Organic Farm’s latest Mulberry Matcha is made from 100% Mulberry and can help lower blood sugar levels.

Shimane Organic Farm’s original spice products

The Sedo Corporation (Osaka Prefecture) - Booth E23

The Sedo Corporation is Japan’s leading construction machinery and tools trading company. Expanding its business channels and core product range into the food and beverage sector, the company introduces its latest product, Kobu tea, which is made using matcha and high-quality kelp found in Hokkaido for that rich and deep umami flavour.

Kobu tea features matcha and kelp

Tsukuba Dairy Products (Ibaraki Prefecture) - Booth C02

Tsukuba Dairy’s Rich Almond Milk product range contains vitamin E, fiber and minerals, and is cholesterol free. Its rich natural almond flavour complement well with the diet of health-conscious consumers, and is available in fresh almonds, roasted almonds and brown sugar flavours.

Zeniya (Gifu Prefecture) - Booth E15

Family-owned Zeniya will bring to the exhibition a variety of premium sundried products including Sunroots (Jerusalem Artichokes), which are rich in inulin, a natural prebiotic dietary fiber that helps regulate healthy levels of friendly microflora in the digestive tract. It is available in powdered form and has no fillers, binders, additives or preservatives. In addition, Zeniya will also bring to the exhibition its 100% natural Dried Deer Horn Shape Reishi (Rokkaku Reishi), harvested from the mountainous region of Aichi Prefecture – best known for its clean air and pristine water.

Dried deer horn-shape reishi 

Sunroots (Jerusalem Artichokes)

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