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FOOD Taipei : Global food fest with sizzling prospects

Source:Food Bev Asia

Date Published:4/17/2017 12:04:56 PM

Halal takes center stage as 400+ local companies take a bite of the US$3 trillion market

THE 27th Taipei International Food Show (FOOD TAIPEI) will feature a diverse selection of top-quality food commodities and food-related tech and packaging machinery, and catering equipment.

Asia’s 5-in-1 food expo , which runs 21-24 June 2017, has established itself as the ultimate global platform for Taiwan’s vast and varied food-related commodities and equipment. This year’s halal-certified expo feeds directly into a burgeoning export market.

Organizers expect 1,670 exhibitors occupying over 4,000 booths to attract all sectors of the industry. Among exhibitors is Royal Family Food, a renowned manufacturer of mochi and authentic Chinese and Japanese bakery goods; Taiwan Kagome, a celebrated maker of vegetable drinks and ketchup; and Anyong Biotech, a leading the way in fresh and frozen seafood.

Taipei Food 2017 expects 1670 exhibitors

Taipei Food 2017 expects 1,670 exhibitors

Premium wines from Chile

Premium wines from Chile

HALAL TAIWAN: Exclusive halal-approved expo

As the Southeast Asian market continues to heat up, FOOD TAIPEI has this year expanded its HALAL expo. Nationwide, Taiwan is home to more than 400 halal-certified businesses that are strongly represented in its food and drink, dietary supplement, and cosmetics sectors — and this number is growing.

The HALAL expo aims to expand Taiwan’s slice of the global halal market, which is valued at US$3 to $4 trillion.

Halal dried fruit from Taiwan

Halal dried fruit from Taiwan

Snacking on the go with halal-certified mixed fruit and chips

Snacking on the go with halal-certified mixed fruit and chips

Exciting events, vast opportunities

This is the place to capture all the excitement of the food industry with its constant change and innovation. It’s here where eager buyers will come to sign the deals in the beverage industry while others seek quality-made equipment. They know this venue best matches Asian tastes, food safety, healthy dining and food trends.

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