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Game-changing solutions from Dow Packaging

Source:Plastics News Asia

Date Published:2/10/2018 10:02:37 PM

Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics booth at PLASTINDIA 2018 features the latest innovations for fast-growing industries such as packaging, wire and cable, sportswear, and other consumer products.  
Packaging takes centre stage at Dow  Packaging and Specialty Plastics booth at PLASTINDIA 2018 where latest innovations for the fast-growing applications are demonstrated. These game-changing solutions are aimed at meeting the growing demand for convenience, comfort, quality and safety – issues that are very much prevalent in India as well as throughout Asia and the rest of the world.  
In particular, the surging middle class in India currently drives demand for sustainable plastic packaging. In this area, Dow brought forth its total package of plastic packaging solutions through its range of market-driven portfolio to fill in the gaps and even meet future demands.
Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics at Plastindia 2018
Vipul Babu, Sales Director for India Sub Continent, Diego Donoso, Business President for Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics global business unit and Bambang Candra, Commercial Vice President of Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics Asia Pacific 
The PacXpert™ Packaging Technology emerges as an innovative technology that enables the transition from larger, traditional and heavier rigid packaging to flexible, lightweight alternatives. The stand-up pouch as a result of this breakthrough technology offers a host of excellent features. Aside from being flexible, the cube-shaped package can stand up on its side with handles that allow for easy handling and pouring. The pouch can be fitted with re-closable cap and various fitment options for easy dispensing and re-closing. The structure can increase product yield by reducing content waste whilst allowing for many possibilities in terms of packaging design. The PacXpert™ Packaging Technology offers excellent alternative for use in various household, institutional and industrial applications – in particular for edible oils, food products, paint and coatings, motor oil and fuel, and many others. 
“PacXpert Packaging Technology is a result of years of development starting from an idea that turned into a strong potential for growth. Dow contributed to this concept and eventually licensed the technology into the Group with the goal of helping export this idea around the world. We created a model where we look for licensees around the world, teach them how to make the product, find the right equipment and use the packaging technology effectively for their success,” according to Mr. Diego Donoso, Business President for Dow’s Packaging and Specialty Plastics global business unit.
Compared to traditional rigid packaging options available in the market today, PacXpert uses less raw materials, enhances transportation efficiency, lowers carbon emissions and waste removal costs whilst offering higher product-to-package ratio. More important, it helps reduce storage space and prolongs shelf-life of sensitive products, in addition to making contents dispensing easier. The flexible packaging can also be printed with multiple colours for more eye-catching appeal on the shelf. 
PacXpert Packaging Technology - Dow
 PacXpert™ Packaging Technology enables the transition to flexible, lightweight packaging.  
Resins for diverse applications
Dow Packaging Packaging and Specialty Plastics ’ booth at PLASTINDIA concentrated on the various applications for Dow’s broad portfolio of resins to enable the re-use of materials post-consumption, and help brand owners meet the Indian government regulations to minimise plastics waste and move towards a circular economy.
In particular, the INNATE™ Precision Packaging Resins offer excellent stiffness, toughness and processability. Born from a breakthrough patented molecular catalyst coupled with advanced process technology, INNATE™ Precision Packaging Resins offer performance levels and combinations like never before as it address some of today’s more challenging packaging performance gaps with an unprecedented balance of toughness and stiffness in combination with excellent tear and puncture resistance. 
Innate Precision Packaging Resins - Dow
INNATE™ Precision Packaging Resins offer excellent properties that meet today's demanding applications.
Compared to traditional polyethylene (PE) film,  the easy-to-tear tenter frame biaxially oriented polyethylene (TF-BOPE) film has better mechanical properties, enhanced material rigidity, and improved optical and printing possibilities.  The TF-BOPE film demonstrates exceptional optical properties such as transparency and glossiness. The TF-BOPE film can be used directly as the printed layer of the packaging and thus render the packaging more attractive on the shelf compared with other types of packaging. The TF-BOPE film also replaces biaxially oriented polyamide (BOPA) as the interlayers of the packaging, reducing the packaging material used and strengthening the mechanical performance of packaging bags.  
This new breed of film is ideal for food and industrial applications where demand for alternative packaging, such as stand-up pouches and liquid packaging, heavy-duty laminates with strong resistance to tear and wear are required. The TF-BOPE film strengthens the mechanical performance of packaging, which is ideal for heavy-duty application. By combining it with other PE functional layers, TF-BOPE can achieve a packaging with an exceptional structure, making it easy to recycle and elevating brand owners' sustainability quotients.
Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics Asia Pacific Commercial Vice President Bambang Candra stressed the importance of other Dow products aimed at various industries and how the company has been in the forefront of sustainability. “Aside from packaging, Dow has innovated in providing materials for various industries, such as for the wire and cable, hygiene products, footwear, foam for packaging and many others.” 
The advanced formulation of PE resins from Dow offers sustainable all PE laminate solution with flexible packaging applications. Presently used flexible packaging solutions include multiple layers of different polymers and additives, which are incompatible during the recycling process.  Dow’s materials are able to address the regulations on plastic waste management issued by the ministry of state for environment, forest and climate change of India to implement environment-friendly plastic disposal practices and eliminate non-recyclable and multi-polymer packaging.  A significant effort of the Dow Group encourages sustainability and in India, this has been reflected in the move towards responsible production and disposal of plastics,” according to Mr. Vipul Babu, Sales Director for India Sub Continent.  The laminate packaging solutions, in particular, can be fully recycled at the end of its lifecycle.  
Strong presence in India 
India’s fast-growing demand for packaging solutions and high performance materials for its various industries has created opportunities for Dow to work with domestics customers in solving production problems. “Here in India, we work closely with local brand owners to implement new solutions and help meet regulations. India is a main market for Dow in Asia, and we are entering into agreements with Indian companies on how we can work with them to further improve their production process and end-product quality,” Mr. Donoso explained.  
As a commitment to this vast market, the latest addition to Dow Pack Studios network was recently opened in Mumbai. Pack Studios Mumbai is the eighth of this centre in the world and the third in Asia.  “Pack Studios bring together the key contributors necessary for cultivating packaging innovations. We have resins experts collaborating with equipment manufacturers, packaging designers, brand owners and prototyping specialists, and the result is faster commercialisation of new and improved packaging,” Mr. Donoso added. 
Pack Studios are built on Dow’s long known innovative spirit of creating an environment for industry collaboration. Pack Studios Mumbai bring this pioneering approach to the India market with the support of seven other locations around the world, and expands the ability to design packaging solutions that meet local challenges at a quicker rate. 
The Pack Studios Mumbai facility is equipped with a collaboration room to inspire solution-based thinking and leading laboratories with film testing equipment to conceptualise and validate next-generation packaging. An industrial-scale Nordmeccanica Super Combi 3000 solvent-based and solvent-less laminator onsite allows customers to test, prototype and develop adhesives products without interrupting their own commercial production. It is a one-stop centre with all the capabilities to assist customers in solving their production problems whilst developing the right solutions to meet their efficiency targets. 
Pack Studios Mumbai joins Dow’s seven global Pack Studios locations, including Freeport, Texas (USA); Ringwood, Illinois (USA); São Paulo, Brazil; Horgen, Switzerland; Mozzate, Italy; Shanghai, China, and Singapore.  


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