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Goals & Strategies: A conversation with DA JIE execs

Source:International Metalworking News for Asia June 2017

Date Published:6/13/2017 01:06:20 PM

International Metalworking News for Asia (IMNA) interviewed the company’s R&D Chief Engineer Silver Hsieh, General Manager Chu-Ming Hsieh, Sales Manager Jeff Hsieh

(L-R) R&D Chief Engineer Silver Hsieh, General Manager Chu-Ming Hsieh, Sales Manager Jeff Hsieh

Founded in 1973, DA JIE Electricity Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd specialises in the manufacture of electrical heating upsetter machines and welding machines, which are widely used in the market owing its uninterrupted research, development and support from the industrial industry for many years.

IMNA: Please introduce the equipment that DA JIE is promoting and their features.

Silver Hsieh: We will be placing several products from the main categories of our products: heating machines, spot welding machines, and pressure automatic seam welding machines. The two star equipment are vertical type double head electrical heating upsetter and air pressure automatic spot welding machine. These two equipment resemble the latest technology that DA JIE has developed in automation and in high productivity. Their equipment has a startling wide ranges of industrial application. Across industries, and on different materials – some of their end products include engine valve, truck fuel tank, automobile connection rod, scooter rims, air bags brakes cam shafts, as well as aluminium and titanium machining. A number of automobile manufacturers have bought DA JIE’s equipment for their overseas production, just to name a few: Honda, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Suzuki.

IMNA: What is your market and R&D strategy in the future?

Chu-Ming Hsieh: Our ultimate goal is to become the global leading manufacturer in eco-friendly, high-end metal heating machining. We have been investing lots of resources and efforts in developing our exclusive automation system, and heat processing systems. We see the ability for ‘integration’ important because factories in our age have evolved quickly into a factory with networks and communications between machineries. It is thus crucial for machine builders to create comprehensive solutions for producers. We aim to achieve ‘total solution for whole plant’ on several product lines. That is, to set up a fully facilitated factory for the clients from scrap.

The three main total solutions we will be offering for whole plant design are – stainless steel water tank production line, motorcycle fuel tank production line, and automobile fuel tank production line. We have gained quite obvious growth in the Middle East, and South East Asia markets in the past years, apart from the original markets in developed economies. Therefore, we hope that these total solutions will be able to help more clients who wish to build high-end, highly productive factory.

IMNA: What messages would you like to send to the readers regarding the benefits of using DA JIE’s equipment?

Jeff Hsieh: The equipment we offer at DA JIE is extremely unique, most of the products are customised so it might be the only model in the world. Furthermore, compared to machine tool builders that dominate Taiwan’s machine builders’ percentage, electrical heating upsetter machines welding machines like ours are less produced in Taiwan, and even around the world, despite the German counterparts. We are therefore humble and fast in catching up the paces of German technology, while never halting in R&D. A lot of awards we won have proved this fact. We are the winner of Taiwan Excellence Award of the year 2016, and 2017 consecutively – on the equipment of energy-efficient seam welding machine and electrical heating upsetter machine. We hope that these latest developments and innovations we’ve achieved can be seen by the readers, and we also wish that international customers would be able to find the nearest service centre across 28 countries for their inquiries.

DA JIE Electricity Machinery Industrial Co. Ltd

Tel: +886-4 2491 4588

Fax: +886-4 2491 4599




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