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Healthcare cold chain logistics market to continue growing

Source:Ringier Medical Date:2014-12-18
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THE global healthcare cold chain logistics market is forecast to grow at 13.31% CAGR through 2019 on the back of rising demand for generic pharmaceutical products, particularly from developing economies, according to a new report published by tech-focused research firm TechNavio.
This growing adoption of generic pharmaceutical products, in turn, is shoring up demand for temperature-sensitive healthcare transportation with the use of temperature tags on products. Specific temperatures are required throughout storage and transportation for healthcare products such as vaccines and blood plasma, frozen pharmaceuticals, and insulin.
TechNavio vice president Faisal Ghaus said the rise in demand for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals will boost demand for cold chain logistics in the coming years.
More healthcare infrastructure and investment in technologies designed to match these requirements are increasingly being made available. A growing number of transport vehicles are being equipped with event logging and electronic monitoring systems as well.
In the developing markets, particularly India, greater investment in cost-effective technologies is encouraging vendors to join the line.
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