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Helping customers reduce food waste

Source:     Date:2009-02-03
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PLUMROSE, one of the largest U.S. producers of sliced meats, upgraded its line of premium packaged deli meats with a ZIP-PAK DoubleZip resealable closure to help consumers protect the freshness of their packaged foods, which reduces food waste and enhances sustainability The resealable closure features two sets of interlocking profiles that are ergonomically designed to guide consumers' fingers along a path when closing a package, ensuring complete closure after each use. The sealed package reduces product exposure to oxygen and other environmental contaminants that lead to food spoilage, so products retain maximum freshness throughout the final use. Eliminating the need for consumers to transfer contents into a separate container for resealable storage also reduces additional packaging waste, and keeps marketing messages in front of the consumer throughout product use. Zip-Pak T: +1 815 468 6500 Email: elizabeth.sheaffer@zippak.com Web: www.zippak.com FPE219Nike Air Max 97


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