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Hong Precision refines microdrilling machines

Source:Ringier Metalworking

Date Published:8/29/2017 04:08:48 PM

Hong Precision has been designing and enhancing microdrilling machines for aerospace and medical industries. 

Currently, the company’s know-how has reached the global top standards and is competing head-on with the quality products from Germany and Japan, as the only microdrilling machine tool builder in Taiwan.

In order to promote their equipment, Hong precision spend much efforts in attending industrial summits and exhibitions. General manager Edward Liu told us about their fruitful participation in 2016 International Implantable and Interventional Medical Devices Emerging Technology Application Conference, held by Ringier Trade Media in Suzhou, China. At the conference Mr. Liu was able to exchange constructive knowledge with other participants, while receiving great feedbacks in the implantable medical device session. Moreover, the company also had a very positive exhibition this year at TIMTOS 2017, it was a perfect opportunity for Hong to resonance their theme of TIMTOS on precision /aviation manufacturing, multifunctioning machines and industry 4.0., with their long-dedicated strength in first class manufacturing.

At TIMTOS, they exhibited Model XL-500A, it can drill the smallest hole by Ø2mm in width, 250mm in depth. The uniqueness is the ability to process titanium, stainless steel, as well as other rare materials in aerospace and medical implants.

It has been a consistent practice for Hong Precision to place strict certifications and tests on their equipment, including reports on defect rate etc. Edward stated that for them, it is crucial to communicate instantly with the customer and search for the best tailor-made equipment, especially that today, an increasing number of customers’ factories need greater integrations (such as modifying gauges and fixtures). Hong Precision’s customers are well spread out across the globe, including a Sino-US joint venture medical company.

The company has a high in-house manufacturing rate that enabled them to effectively inspect the quality of each work pieces because it remains Hong Precision’s core value that every detail of the equipment affect the performance of medical devices. Mr. Liu believes that the company bears definite responsibility for ensuring a safe and secure quality from the upstream of the medical field. In the future, Hong precision will secure the stable demands coming from China, while developing new equipment suitable for the emerging economies in medical manufacturing. According to Mr. Liu, they have already received orders from Argentina in the first two quarters this year.

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