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Hypertherm Asia chief on 2019 insights

Source:Ringier Metalworking Date:2019-01-08
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Israel Gonzalez, Asia Pacific Regional Director of Hypertherm

Every start of the new year, International Metalworking News for Asia requests industry experts to peer into their crystal balls and predict the trends that will shape the future of just about everything. Israel Gonzalez, Asia Pacific Regional Director of Hypertherm provides its views for 2019.

Israel Gonzalez, said, “Today’s markets are characterized by complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty. In a similar way, fluctuating oil and raw material prices can have a big impact on the profitability equation for the manufacturers in the years to come. Transformations to the manufacturing sector are also further propelled by the rapid evolution of technology. To achieve growth targets in the coming year, manufacturers will increasingly see the need to prioritize investments in technology that will enable their business to improve agility, which includes increasing productivity, speed, and responsiveness, and connectivity.

“Hypertherm’s focus has always been on helping our customers reduce operating costs and improve cutting performance, so that they can enhance their profitability. Besides a wide range of solutions for automation and portability, we also offer unmatched cut quality and precision through our latest X-definition™ class plasma system, which is another example of how we are able to address the changes ahead for manufacturers,” he added.

Israel further said, “Our continued investment in research and development is part of our efforts to bring more breakthrough technologies to the market. In addition, we are also committed to working closely with our customers to learn more about their user experience and possible pain points. With this understanding, we are better positioned to develop application-specific solutions to address the issues they face. Our innovations are designed to support manufacturers in improving the agility of their businesses, and we look forward to changing people’s perceptions of plasma with our advanced cutting innovations.”


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