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Source:Plastics News Asia Date:2020-07-20
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The much-awaited recognition ceremony for the 2020 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Plastics Industry was held on July 2 at the Crowne Plaza Shanghai Pujiang.  More than 100 representatives of award-winning enterprises, association leaders, industry media and other insiders gathered to share and witness the profound changes brought about by the innovative products and technologies to the plastics industry.

Ringier Technology Innovation Award - Plastics industry 2020

Winners of the 2020 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards

This year, the winners were announced in 10 product categories including Plastics Raw Materials & Additives, Rubber/Elastomer Materials and Additives, Injection Molding, Extrusion & Blow Molding, Molds & Components, Measurement & Inspection, Auxiliary Equipment, Automation, Recycling Machinery & Components, and Others.

As always, the selection process for the 2020 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Plastics Industry follows the principle of "fairness, justice and transparency". The independent evaluation by senior judges from industry associations and research institutions, combined with the results of an online voting to choose from among the nominated products, resulted in 39 innovative products being declared as winners. 

Maggie Liu

Ms. Liu Yi-ling, Vice President of Ringier Industrial Media

Ms. Liu Yi-ling, Vice President of Ringier Industrial Media, delivered an opening speech. Ms. Liu mentioned that 2020 is a difficult and uncertain year for most plastic enterprises, but even so, there will always be a group of excellent enterprises standing out – as they rely on their long accumulated technological advantages, firm grasp of market opportunities, and ability to stand out in their respective fields. 

Having covered the developments in the plastics industry for more than 20 years, Ringier has been honored to witness the industry’s trends and developments, especially in China where the plastics market has shifted its focus from low cost to quality, from mass production to the pursuit of high value-added products and services. The plastics industry has taken an important role driving growth impetus to support processing technology, 5G, the new infrastructure, circular economy, and a whole range of concepts; while applications have expanded in the areas of medical, automotive and other fast-growing industries. 

If the media is the "third eye" of the industrial ecosystem, Ringier, which has always maintained an objective media attitude, has played a vital part in witnessing and transmitting the developments in the plastics industry. As Ms. Liu stressed: “But that's not enough. We also need to promote the plastics industry by recognizing companies in the industry that are making products more efficient through technological innovation or providing new opportunities for the market. That's what the Ringier Plastic Innovation Awards are all about. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the award. Innovation, in our view, can cover, but is not limited to products or technologies that utilize new theories, research and development methods, and production processes.”

Dr. Jiang Pingping

Dr. Jiang Pingping, Professor, School of Chemical and Material Engineering,Jiangnan University

As the representative of the panel of judges, Dr. Jiang Pingping, Professor of School of Chemical and Material Engineering of Jiangnan University, also commented on the selection.

Dr. Jiang said that he felt greatly honored to be invited as the representative of Ringier Awards judges to express and warmly congratulate the winning enterprises. "All judges reviewed the development of enterprise registration information again and again with technical background; then scrutinized the product innovation and third party test data, verifying the attachments supporting materials (including identification, invention or utility model patent material). Starting from the actual meaning of product development, we have chosen the outstanding products and technology, the best of the breed! We know very well that these innovative products may change the pattern of a domestic market. New market opportunities may emerge, perhaps it can successfully replace the import of certain products. This event is a review of the innovative spirit of China's plastics industry."

Plastics industry during the pandemic
Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic at the beginning of 2020, China's economy experienced a short-term downturn, but the basic trend of steady development and long-term improvement is unchanged. Driven by downstream markets such as medical treatment, packaging, electronics and automobile, the plastics industry is gradually transforming toward the production of high-end, well-known brands and “green” products. The overall innovation consciousness of the plastics industry is increasing, and the market demand for high-end products is now recognized by more manufacturers.

Innovations in science and technology, improvement in technological level, and upgrade in consumption continue to be carried out despite the pandemic. Dr. Jiang encouraged: "Congratulations to all the winning enterprises, and I sincerely hope that more and more enterprises can stand on the stage to accept the Ringier Innovation Awards in the future, constantly breaking through the technical bottleneck of the industry, and making greater contributions for the improvement of the level of Chinese products."

The announcement and handing of the trophy to the winners was the highlight of the ceremony. The special guests were requested to present the trophies to the awardees: Ms. Liu Yi-ling (Vice President of Ringier Industrial Media), Dr. Jiang Pingping (Professor of School of Chemical and Material Engineering of Jiangnan University), Mr. Hou Peimin (Deputy Secretary General of the Plastic Trade Association of Shanghai), and Mr. Wang Jinping (Director and Secretary of Shanghai Pudong Society of Polymers).
Winners of 2020 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Plastics Industry

About the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards
Ringer Trade Media and its industry-leading trade magazine, International Plastics News for China, present these Awards to a select group of innovators each year in China. The purpose of the Awards is to encourage, acknowledge and reward individuals and companies that have introduced and developed a new idea, methodology, product or technology for production efficiency, cost effectiveness, user convenience, energy saving and sustainable manufacturing in the plastics industry.
The Ringier Technology Industry Awards started in 2006 and formerly covered nine different industries. The award-giving body is recognized as being the most transparent of such industry awards in China. 


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