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Inspection system for chips

Source:     Date:2009-02-03
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HISTORICALLY, kettle chip processors have had to rely on hand sorting because until now, automated inspection systems could not detect problematic clusters. To address this sorting challenge, Key Technology modified its Optyx sorters with a specialized off-belt scanning zone that measures opacity to detect and remove clusters of kettle chips in addition to standard on-belt scanning that identifies defects and foreign material. The on-belt scanner uses a proprietary color camera to identify millions of subtle color differences to detect defects such as chips with green spots, bruises, and overcooked black spots. Then, a unique off-belt, in-air scan using a bottom-mounted color camera, no foreground lighting, and high-intensity background lighting to inspect product opacity. Clusters of multiple chips stuck together are easily detected and ejected from the production line. Key Technology, Inc. T: +1 509 394 3371 Email: runterseher@key.net Web: www.key.net FPE303Nike news


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