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Intelligent machine and reliable automation

Source:Ringier Metalworking

Date Published:6/12/2019 09:06:44 PM

24/7 automated production with zero downtime to enhance productivity and create maximum business profit is an ideal prospection for most of the organizations.

ARTTM system is developed by Buffalo Machinery to achieve this goal and to support Industry 4.0 compatible machine tool.

ARTTM is developed with 3 core functions and 10 sub-applications to optimize the production with high reliability, energy efficiency and production control. ARTTM prepares high-tech interfaces for the manager, operator, and service to easy access the machine data to arrange the maintenance schedule and restocking in advance and to facilitate the management decision making.     

Predictive maintenance, with the machine life-time monitoring capability, ARTTM conveys the signal notice prior to machine failure and the connection to organization intelligent ERP system for necessary orders for restocking or for maintenance service scheduling. This allows the machine always ready to work and under good working condition without unexpected downtime. 

Manufacturing process, ARTTM formulates the application to real-time monitoring the machine status with data collection and analysis to organize the production schedule proficiency. This allows the sales personnel anytime in any location can always check with the mobile devices for the real-time production data and provide the customer immediately feedback to confirm the order at the first place without delay. With this capability can always create a better business profit to the organization.

Energy management, based on ISO 14955 standard, ART observes the machine energy consumption and usage condition to optimize the energy efficiency.  Furthermore, the organization can be in contract with the energy authority to moderate the electricity cost. 

ARTTM is available to all the AXILE machines, with the ARTTM platform, now users can directly access the machine data and production process with the PC, notebook or any hand-held devices such as smartphone or pad which makes users easy access the synchronized machine data world widely.

It would be beneficial to keep abreast of development in Industry 4.0, and ARTTM is developed to adapt to it. ARTTM by Buffalo Machinery is a great application which meet the Industry 4.0 requirement and the total solution for intelligent machines and reliable automation.

Please visit Buffalo Machinery at EMO Hannover, Hall 27 Stand B63 to check out more details of this advanced technology and high-end AXILE machines.

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