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Intelligent process cooling for greater savings and productivity

Source:International Plastics News for Asia

Date Published:7/6/2017 04:07:14 PM

Intelligent Process Cooling Solution from Frigel covers a full array of innovative cooling systems that meet the needs of Asian plastics industry  

A business entity today needs to be able to look at every aspect of its operation to find ways to become more efficient and cut down on costs. In this area, a process cooling technology plays a vital role as it can potentially reduce operational costs and enable the business to stay competitive. Since 1960, Frigel has been helping manufacturers around the world achieve verifiably better results in uptime, efficiency, precision and more. Its unique Intelligent Process Cooling Technology covers a full array of innovative process cooling systems that can be configured by Frigel’s team of experts who can find the right solution and deliver the support a customer needs to get maximum uptime, efficiency and performance in operation. 

“Frigel has been an innovator in the industry and it has been unmatched in sectors where effective, high performance process cooling system is demanded,” according to Emanuele Pasquinelli, Commerce & Marketing Vice President at Frigel Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.  The Frigel process cooling systems are engineered to save energy and water to subsequently reduce overall operational costs.

Frigel - Emanuele Pasquinelli

 Emanuele Pasquinelli, Commerce & Marketing Vice President

At the center of Frigel’s Intelligent Process Cooling portfolio is the Ecodry System, a system that offers optimized cooling for various industries such as plastics manufacturing.  

As explained by Mr. Pasquinelli, the Ecodry system is made of two type of equipment:

a) the Ecodry, a closed loop adiabatic liquid cooler that can guarantee savings of up to 95% in water consumption as well as energy, chemical and maintenance, compared to traditional cooling towers;

b) the machine-side temperature controller/chiller units of the Microgel, Turbogel and Thermogel ranges, which assures optimum processing efficiencies, reduced wastage and consistent quality.

With years of expertise in plastics processing knowledge and more than 5,500 installations globally, the Ecodry System is highly recommended for plastics manufacturers engaged in injection molding, blow molding, extrusion and thermoforming. The Ecodry system offers the flexibility and adaptability that enables it to be installed for virtually any operation. “The Ecodry system can put our customer in a position to achieve the best operating conditions” Mr. Pasquinelli emphasized. 

A step further in efficiency

Years of development and constant upgrading of the Ecodry system as further improved the process cooling solutions that Frigel offers to its customers. The Ecodry 3DK Closed Loop Adiabatic Liquid Cooler is one of a series of enhancements on the Ecodry system. With Ecodry 3DK, even greater sustainability, performance and adaptability can be achieved. The system has the proven advantages that only Frigel can provide with its unique dry-cooling technology to support a customer’s requirement. “With no evaporation of process water, the Ecodry 3DK keeps the water clean and the customer’s equipment scale-free. It often operates without consuming any water – activating the adiabatic system only on hotter days to pre-cool incoming air,” according to Mr. Pasquinelli. The Ecodry 3DK enables savings of 4 million liters (1 million) gallons) of water yearly for the average 350KW (100 ton) system, compared to a cooling tower. It greatly reduces chemical requirements and completely eliminates chemical discharges. As has been mentioned, the system enables reduced energy use by as much as 95% against an air cooled central chiller. It provides clean water at the right temperature to process machines year-round; closed-loop cooling inherently minimizes maintenance and increases operational efficiency. Equally important, it is easily expandable, when the production facility grows bigger.

Within the Ecodry system, the Microgel family of packaged industrial chillers is unique, versatile, extremely accurate and efficient. All Microgel products are designed to deliver constant high pressure and flow to the process, resulting in high turbulence and optimal heat transfer. Proprietary controls and standard 3-way modulating valves provide the ultimate in temperature control accuracy to + 0.5oC (+1oF).

Frigel Ecodry System

Ecodry system offers the flexibility and adaptability that enables it to be installed for virtually any operation.

Another enhancement within the Frigel process cooling Ecodry System technology is the 3PR Complete Real-Time Cooling System Control – a revolutionary technology which, for the first time, enables customer to get a complete overview of the entire cooling system. The 3PR contains only installed features that will be monitored and visible for each system. “With this system control, the customer can see everything at a glance: the pressures, temperatures, coolant level, other parameters, as well warnings and alarms. This enables the designated operator to monitor the whole system, check the whole operation and manage or control the whole process,” stressed Mr. Pasquinelli. With 3PR, the customer can get real-time pump performance data of the cooling system and quickly pinpoint the fault for faster response. The 3PR system control panel gives the ability to connect to a higher building-wide monitoring system via Modbus RTU over Ethernet TCP/IP network. This system is also designed to give/remove real-time monitoring capabilities to Frigel’s global service technicians at all times.

Frigel finally offers its Heavygel Air-Cooled Central Chillers. With a wide range of configurations, Frigel has engineered Heavygel 3HL and 3HM central chillers to bring the best results possible, including industry-leading Energy Efficiency Ratings (EER). 

Closer to the market

Currently, Frigel operates a factory in Thailand to serve its Asian markets. While some components still come from Europe, the Ecodry system is now being produced in the Frigel factory located at the TFD Industrial Estate in Chachoengsao, Thailand. Aside from the Ecodry system, Frigel’s Heavygel chillers are also produced in the same factory.

“Thailand offers some unique advantages as it has important infrastructure needed in our operations as our location is near the airport and port, and some facilities are better compared to those in other ASEAN countries,” according to Mr. Pasquinelli. From Thailand, Frigel is able to serve customers in other ASEAN countries, not only supplying the whole systems but also in providing after-sales support and other technical services.    

Frigel Asia Pacific Co., Ltd

Frigel's factory in Thailand serves the Asia Pacific market.

To date, Frigel considers its position unrivaled in the market, and serves as the biggest supplier of process cooling technology to world-known manufacturers in various industrial sectors such as packaging, automotive, consumer electronics, medical and pharmaceutical, etc.  Its network has recorded tremendous growth over the years, “Frigel is now active in Korea with our distributor. In fact, we cover all Asia Pacific and our distributors are well entrenched in China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. We see a lot of growth in the Australian market as well as in Japan. We also see promising prospects for the Indian market, where Frigel is now in the process of setting up a production facility,” Mr. Pasquinelli added.  The company guarantees three to four weeks delivery time to customers wherever they may be in Asia, and training to operators as well as other after-sales technical services.

While price may be a differentiating factor, Frigel has more to offer as its technology is way and years ahead of its competitors in guaranteeing premium quality and high performance and cost-efficient operations, Mr. Pasquinelli explained”.

Frigel has brought its expertise to Asia. From more than 50 years in Europe, its intelligent process cooling technology has crossed borders as it expands its market globally. For customers who strive to achieve operational excellence, a process focused, technology powered approach from Frigel will certainly meet their target. 

Frigel Asia Pacific Co., Ltd

Frigel Asia Pacific Co., Ltd

Tel: +66 3857 7799




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