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Irregular can vacuum seamer

Source:Ringier Food

Date Published:9/27/2018 01:09:22 AM

The S-C85 vacuum seamer with clincher from Shin-I Machinery uses vacuum sealing to close irregular cans. 

The S-C85 Automatic Irregular Can Vacuum Seamer with Clincher is designed for irregular can closing under vacuum. The machine is from Shin-I Machinery Works Co., Ltd.

How it works: A filled can is fed forward through a timing screw and a turret to meet with end. Clinching chuck and two clinching rollers push food down and clip end and can body together. Then, clinched can is carried by a turret and chain to enter a pocket of vacuum turret, with eight pockets, in vacuum seaming station. Lifter plate lift can up into vacuum chamber. Four seaming rollers undertake seaming operation. A concise seaming head with adjustable chuck set, make seaming quality meet international standard. Each seaming arm is controlled by an individual seaming cam and a copy disc is to guide rollers turn accordingly. Simple structure and multiple safety devices, easy for operation and maintenance.


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