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K 2019: Exhibitors Showcase

Source:International Plastics News for Asia

Date Published:10/9/2019 04:10:02 PM

Ringier Trade Media Special Supplement on K 2019 recommends some of the products worth checking out and the exhibitors' contact details.   
Addex: Cooling technology
Addex Inc. is set to launch Phase 2 of its Intensive Cooling technology. “Intensive Cooling” is Addex’s revolutionary approach to cooling the bubble. Addex’s patented design change from the common aerodynamics of present-day blown film air rings is responsible for dramatic increases in stability and output. Addex continues to refine the system for even greater gains when combined with the company’s proprietary auto-profile and IBC systems. 
Addex Inc. 
Tel: +1-315 331 7700
Fax: +1-315 331 7734
Booth: 17C41 
Amut: Stretch film production
AMUT GROUP demonstrates its brand-new ACS 2000 cast line for stretch film production. Most awaited is the Q-Catcher, the recent developed patented system which permits the repetition of previously saved parameters with the reproduction of the film having exactly the same mechanical properties. The ACS 2000 has a 7-layer-5-extruder configuration and an useful width of 2.000 mm. The output is around 1.300 Kg/h and the film thickness has a range from 6 to 25 µ. Production speed of 850 m/min and mechanical speed up to 1000 m/min.  
Tel: +39 0381 20016
Fax: +39 0381 318000
Booth: 3B92
BASF: Pigments
BASF presents innovation highlights from its broad range of Colors & Effects® pigments for plastic applications. The new product launches include two new Lumina® Royal effect pigments, Microlen® Piano Black, and a black and red addition to the Sicopal® product line, which are especially recommended for recycling materials and demanding applications. 
BASF Colors & Effects GmbH
Tel: +49 621 60-0
Fax: +49 621 60-42525
Booth: 5C41
Chang Woen: Recycling equipment
Chang Woen Squeezer DE-300/350/350+ are specially designed models for PE/ PP film plastic recycling. The system is an important stage for removing water from washed film materials. The company guarantees that after applying the Squeezer, the moisture is estimated to be less than 5%. Less moisture will enhance the performance of extruder in the next step. This model conforms to European standard CE and North America standard UL. Capacity: 450~800kg/hr.
Chang Woen
Chang Woen Machinery Co.,LTD
Tel: +886-4 2662 7809
Fax: +886-4 2662 7590
Booth: 12D06
Chi Chang: Extrusion Line 
Chi Chang’s Air Bubble Sheet Extrusion Line is available from 1.2m to 2.5m, from 2 layers up to 5 layers.  In 2018, the company built one 3-layer, 1.2m wide air bubble machine for its US customer. This 85/65MM model is equipped with state-of-the-art technology plus Beckhoff PLC, and Conair blending system.  The air bubble sheet can be used for various applications: packing, suspension (laminated with craft paper) and insulation (laminated with aluminum foil), etc.  
Chi Chang
Chi Chang Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd 
Tel: +886-6 261 2121
Fax: +886-6 264 5953
Booth: 12A52-45
Chyi Yang: PE Stretch film machine 
Chyi Yang’s PE Stretch Film Machine produces PE stretch and cling film. The models accept both liquid and pellet PIB, and it’s possible to adjust the stickiness and resin type. The winder is fully automatic and with no-tension control, and co-speed controller. It can produce 10 rolls of 300mm width or 6 rolls of 500mm width at one time.  
Chyi Yang
Chyi Yang Industrial Co., Ltd. 
Tel:  +886-3 328 8686  
Fax: +886-3 328 3737
Booth: 16A70
Coperion: Strand pelletisers
Coperion Pelletizing Technology GmbH introduces improved dual bearing strand pelletisers which have been re-engineered based on field experience and current market demands. The SP140, SP240 and SP340 models in the SP series have been equipped with a variety of enhanced features for easy, rapid handling and optimised pellet quality.  Moreover, Coperion has developed a new proprietary technology for cutting gap adjustment that enables increased comfort and speed.  
Coperion GmbH
Tel: +49 711 897-0
Fax: +49 711 897-3999
Booth:  14B19
CoreTech: IMM simulation solution
CoreTech System to present its Moldex3D R17, the next-generation plastics moulding simulation solutions designed to enable organisations around the globe to realise smart manufacturing through digital transformation. It provides more comprehensive and realistic simulations to help users close the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.  
CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D)
Tel: +886-3 560 0199
Fax: +886-3 560 0198
Booth: 13A94
Covestro: Functional material solutions 
New interior concept for future mobility takes centre stage at Covestro’s booth where smart materials for future car interior are shown.  For example, Makrolon® polycarbonates and their blends will play an important role in the interior of the future thanks to their outstanding properties. Maezio™ continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites are more robust and lightweight and are suitable e.g. for an efficient production of particularly thin-walled parts. Other Covestro products are also on exhibit.
Covestro Deutschland AG
Tel: +49 214 60092000
Booth: 6A75-1 & 3   
Davis-Standard: Aftermarket services 
Davis-Standard will promote its full menu of global aftermarket and technical services, aimed at providing convenience and improved performance for customers. Equipment upgrades, replacement parts, global field services, custom engineering, research and technical services, and a 24/7 customer service hotline (844-MYDAVIS) have enabled Davis-Standard to support customer needs in a cost-effective and timely manner. To be shown are examples of readily stocked spare parts and support for heritage brands such as technology upgrades to improve existing line performance with new feedscrew designs, controls and consulting services.  
Davis-Standard, LLC
Tel: +1-860 5991010
Fax: +1 860 5996258
Booth: 16A43
Diing Kuen: Film production lines 
Diing Kuen is a leading manufacturer in Taiwan with 35 years of experience. It offers a wide variety of plastic extruders with higher performance and good film quality.  Its products include a range of plastic film production machines and extruders/extrusion lines. The film production lines can produce agriculture films, flat films, etc. 
Ding Kuen
Diing Kuen Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd 
Tel: +886 5 221 7410
Fax: +886 5 221 7413
Booth: 16E71
DSM: Engineering plastics
Exhibiting under the theme of ‘Bright Science. Brighter Living’, DSM will show how it is using its science-based competences to develop innovations to both address the needs of its customers and tackle the world’s major challenges in automotive, recycling, footwear, additive manufacturing and other applications.
DSM Engineering Plastics Europe BV
Tel: +31-46 750 6500
Booth: 6B11 
EJS: Screws and barrels
E.J.S., a leading manufacturer of screws and barrels in China, is set to promote its screws and barrels to the European market. At K 2019, the company’s presence is set to bring its product portfolio further into the European market where quality is highly demanded. The quality of E.J.S products can be easily seen in every level of its performance – from material selection to packaging, from top management to front-line workers, where every job is done carefully and seriously. 
Tel: +86-574 8306 5911
Fax: +86-574-8306 5601
ENGEL: Intelligent assistance system for IMM
For the first time, ENGEL is exhibiting its iQ weight control intelligent assistance system for injection moulding processes with a recycled material application, making the great potential inject 4.0 offers for the circular economy a reality. iQ weight control individually adjusts the quality-related process parameters for each shot during injection to suit the prevailing conditions.  
Tel: +43 50 620-0
Booth: 15B42-C48
Evonik: Additive for waste rubber recycling
Evonik presents VESTENAMER®. The unique process additive allows waste rubber to be efficiently processed into a tough material used again in a variety of applications such as road construction, sports or playgrounds. With VESTENAMER®, Evonik helps close the materials cycle for rubber—sustainably.
Evonik Industries AG
Tel: +49-201 17701
Fax: +49-201 1773475
Booth:  6B28
ExxonMobil: Sustainable solutions
ExxonMobil introduces new sustainable solutions and innovative applications, highlighting new recyclable full PE laminated packaging solutions; showcasing discarded fishing ropes being turned into high value applications with Vistamaxx™; displaying  extreme  performance  and  high-heat  resistant  films  with  Exceed™  XP  and ExxonMobil™ PP; and  original design solutions for interior car parts with a new PP colour spectrum. 
ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical BVBA
Tel: +32-2 722 2111        
Fax: +32 2 722 4478
Booth: OA10/10.1 
FCS: Injection moulding machines 
FCS is set to display its advanced servo hydraulic (FA series) and All-Electric (CT series) IMM, with highlight on these units’ innovation, swiftness and vitality. FA series is a new model and it’s the first time to be shown. The specifications are optimized in which platen strength improvement has been increased to 30%, high-performance servo energy-saving oil pump achieves GB verification that rise in precision and stability. CT series is in combination of Austria’s controller and Italy’s servo motor (PHASE) which improves the injection velocity, holding time and shot volume accuracy.  
FCS Group
Tel: +886-6 595 0688, 5956869
Fax: +886-6 595 1129
Booth: 12 B11
Frigel: Intelligent cooling solutions
Frigel is much more than a manufacturer of cooling and temperature control systems. The company employs technical consultants with the ability to identify the best solution for its customers. One of its products is the powerful, economical, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly process cooling technologies, Ecodry, which highlights the company’s Intelligent Process Cooling solution.
Frigel Firenze S.p.A.
Tel: +39 055 722091
Booth: 11 A60
GMA: Extrusion dies 
GMA's high-quality extrusion dies (flat dies for film and sheet extrusion) are designed according to application. The company’s design department utilises state-of-the-art software for channel design and flow simulation. With 30 years of experience, GMA makes use of best steel quality for the production of film dies and its own chrome plating facility guarantees best channel surface. All extrusion dies are chrome-plated on outer surface. 
GMA Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Tel:  + 886-4 2630 3228
Fax: + 886-4 2630 3208
Booth:  14A72
Graham Engineering: Control system
Graham Engineering Corporation presents its innovative extrusion-based systems for medical tubing, blow moulding, sheet, and other applications, each equipped with a proprietary Navigator® control system for live demonstration of its accuracy and ease of use. Real-time graphical display is a hallmark of Navigator control, with high visual correlation between the touchscreen and machine function to ensure intuitive user experience for ease of use.  
Graham Engineering
Graham Engineering Corporation
Tel: +1-717 848 3755
Fax: +1-717 846 1931
Booth: 16A71
Hao Yu: Bag-making machines  
HAO YU specializes in manufacturing and exporting whole plant equipment for producing: PP/HDPE/PET woven bags; PP/HDPE/PET woven bags with inside lamination/or outside lamination; PP/HDPE/PET woven bags with BOPP lamination; PP/HDPE/PET Jumbo bags; PP/HDPE/PET Onion bags. It also offers twin-screw PET strapping band extrusion line and pelletiser plant.
Hao Yu
Hao Yu Precision Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.
Tel: +886-4 2630 3998
Fax: +886-4 2630 1410
Booth: 4A54-03  
HCI: Slitter/rewinder 
The whole new design of the 800 Rewind Smart Slitter/Rewinders FSL-TX series has been purposely intended for large rewinding OD requirement, for slitting product OD as large as 800mm and line speed up to 500m/min. PLC/HMI control, solid shaft-less with hydraulic up/down unwind stand design for roll weights over 1 tonne; shortest web path, all cutter set ups can be completed at the front of the machine. 
HCI Converting Equipment Co., Ltd
Tel: +886-4 2359 0632
Fax: +886-4 2359 0710
Booth: 3G70
Herbold Meckesheim: Plastic waste treatment
Herbold Meckesheim presents its tried and tested process solutions for the treatment of plastic waste in addition to its wide range of machines. The solutions from HERBOLD are based on 40 years of experience and continuous innovation in post-industrial and post-consumer applications.
Herbold Meckersheim
Herbold Meckesheim GmbH
Tel: +49 6226 932-0   
Fax: +49 6226 932-495
Booth: 9B42
Huilong Plastics Machinery: Extrusion lamination machine
Established in 1996, Jiangmen Huilong Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd is a company developing and marketing high grade extrusion lamination machine. Extrusion lamination machine is used for flexible packaging, pre-coating film, label, paper, liquid aseptic packaging and for multi-layer of plastic/paper or plastic/al foil and metalized film extruding lamination. Huilong has acquired about 40 patents.  
Huilong Plastics Machinery
Jiangmen Huilong Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd
Tel: +86-750 386 6989
Fax: +86-750 386 6987
Booth: 8bC28
JANDI’S: Shopping bag production machine  
JANDI’S has being working very hard to develop eco- friendly equipment for producing bio-degradable/compostable bags & film for over 10 years. JANDI’S JIT series Shopping Bag Making Line is specially designed for working with bio-degradable material. JANDI’S JIT is integrated with blown film, flexographic printing, bag making, die-cut recycling and even auto packing, all-in-one process. This design provides the solution for the processing of the bio-degradable material, such as, stronger sealing and die-cut re-used on line.
JANDI'S Industrial Co., Ltd 
Tel: +886-5 220 0506
Fax: +886-5 220 1955
Booth: 17A06
JCTIMES: Extrusion T-dies
As a manufacturer of extrusion T-dies, JCTIMES devotes its R&D for T-die and auxiliary equipment and adheres to the strategy of brand globalisation, owning 3 well-known brands - Jingcheng, JCTIMES
and Goodee. The main product line is extrusion dies including mono-layer dies, multi-manifold dies,  optical sheet/film automatic dies, hollow sheet dies and multi-layer blown film dies.
JC Times
JCTIMES  Zhejiang Jingcheng Mold Machinery Co. Ltd.
Tel: +86-576 8461 0006
Fax: +86-576 8988 8008
Booth: 1E65 
Jing Day: Rubber injection moulding machines
Jing Day Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. is a supplier of total rubber and silicon molding machine and related solutions for global clients. The company designs, fabricates (manufactures), markets and provides all services related to rubber and silicon moulding machines. The machine to be promoted is ideal for natural, synthetic, oil-resistant, heat-resistant and reclaimed rubber.  
Jing Day
Jing Day Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tel: +886-6 232 0999
Fax: +886-6 232 5333
Booth: 13D12-03
Jumbo: Straw-making machine
Jumbo Steel, since 1985, is a leading manufacturer specialising in PLA/Biodegradable straw machine, straw packing machine. At K, the company demonstrates its PLA straw-making machine, and its newly- developed straw auto bagger, in line from its individual packing machine. The new straw Flow packer/ Straw Group packing machine/Straw Auto bagger can pack paper straws, PLA/ PP straws at different quantity, 300- 500 pcs/bag. 
Jumbo Steel
Jumbo Steel Machinery Co., Ltd.
Tel: +886-4 359 0788
Fax: +886-4 23590567
Booth: 12A52-35 
Kai Mei: Blow moulding machines 
Kai Mei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1977. The company is a highly reputed manufacturer of blow moulding machines, offering different types of machines that are designed to produce containers from various raw materials such as PE, PVC, PP, PETG, PU, etc. Kai Mei can produce 5-ml containers of PBA Series Machines to 1,500-litre containers of PBI-X Series Machines. In order to implement the company's strategy of product diversification, Kai Mei's R&D department is devoted to develop new machines. 
Ka Mei
Kai Mei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd
Tel: +886-4 2277 7457
Fax: +886-4 2277 7455
Booth: 14A49
Kautex: Extrusion blow moulding
Kautex Maschinenbau, with slogan “Creating Change Together,” presents various technologies, such as a newly developed extrusion head that drastically reduces the consumption of raw materials when changing colour and material. The company also features a live demonstration of its highly efficient bottle production with PCR, a sustainable solution to the production of 3-layer bottle.   
Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH
Tel: +49 228 489-0
Fax: +49 228 489-414
Booth: 14A16
KHS: PET bottle production
KHS presents a new PET concept based on the juice bottle as an example. It combines individual environmentally friendly packaging solutions in one container and thereby supports the theory of circular economy.  The system provider shows how efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand by offering further line-compatible container solutions. With these technologies, KHS provides its customers support in the conversion to an environmentally friendly and resource-conserving packaging portfolio.  
KHS Corpoplast GmbH
Tel: +49-40 6790 7332
Fax: +49-40 67907 9332
Booth: 13A75
Kingfa: Composites
KINGFA delivers thermoplastic composite (organic sheets) and injection moulding materials for Ford Focus lightweight door module carrier. With its new composite materials based on UD layers, KINGFA advances into new areas of lightweight design. The thin single layers made of UD tapes, called KingStrong ™, are used to manufacture custom-made semi-finished products in the form of sheets under the brand name KingPly™. 
KINGFA Science &Technology Co.,Ltd.
Tel: +86-1392 617 9115
Booth: 5A23
Kraiburg TPE: Thermoplastic elastomers
KRAIBURG TPE to present itself once again as competence leader in the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) market. At both booth C58-4 located in “Rubber Street” in hall 6 and its ideas for a factory at booth E22, the TPE manufacturer will address major challenges and trends the growing TPE business is facing. Trade fair visitors may also look forward to exciting new developments in the fields of emission and odour relating to interior applications and in the field of thermoplastic elastomer hybrids; aside from new materials with adhesion to ASA and PMMA for exterior applications.
Tel: +49 8638 9810-0
Fax: +49 8638 9810-310
Booth: 6C58-04
Krones: Recycling system
Millions of PET bottles a year are already being recycled on Krones’ MetaPure systems – depending on the demand involved, in different material qualities up to and including food-grade PET. The MetaPure W washing modules can already be used not only for PET, but also for processing polyolefins (PO). The module’s pre-washing component will be on show at the K 2019, and there even permit a view of its internals.  
Krones AG
Tel: +49 9401 70-0
Fax: +49 9401 70-2488
Booth: 15 /15.1
Kung Hsing: Co-extrusion blow film line
The latest 5-layer co-extrusion blown film line from Kung Hsing has a maximum lay-flat width 1400 mm; guarantees high performance with Ø300 mm Die for maximum output 600 kg/hr; enables computer supervision with 19" colour touch screen; is fitted with gap/ surface / contact drive 3 in 1 winders with 7.5" colour touch screen; comes with Doteco Gravimetric batch blander; with K-Design high adjustable auto air ring; with K-Design capacity type thickness profile measurement with 360 degree reversing ring and many other features.  
Kung Hsing
Kung Hsing Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd
Tel:  +886-5 237 4466
Fax:  +886-5 237 6971
Booth:  15B21
Lindner: Plastic recycling
At K 2019, Lindner showecases highly productive, turnkey system solutions for plastics processing that create perfect material for subsequent extrusion, as well as the next generation of the tried-and-tested Micromat shredder series and an exciting new hot-wash system.
Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH
Tel: +43 4762 2742-0
Fax: +43 4762 2742-9032
Booth: 9D78
LK Machinery: Forza Two-platen machine 
LK’s Forza series two-platen injection moulding machine combines engineering ingenuity and user-friendly characteristics into a solution well received by customers from different industries. Live demonstration of the machine on crate production, with projected cycle time of less than 20s, along with robot and auto loader for automation will be held.  
LK Machinery
L.K. Machinery International Limited
Tel:  +852 3412 5500
Fax: +852 3412 5511
Booth:  13C43
Maguire: Vacuum resin dryer
Maguire has renamed its vacuum resin dryer to ULTRA®. The dryer uses energy to dry resin at such a drastically lower rate than a comparable new desiccant dryer that its manufacturer, Maguire Products, Inc., says “with costs so low, it’s almost free.” The energy savings with the ULTRA dryer are even greater in comparison with the many low-efficiency old dryers still operating around the world.  
Maguire Europe Sales Ltd.
Tel: +44 1827 338280
Fax: +44 1827 338285
Booth: 10A26
Nan Yun: Screws and barrels 
NAN YUN offers high-performance screws and barrels designed and manufactured according to various types of extruding machines and plastic injection moulding machines. The company offers the best possible screws and barrels, and provides solutions to help customers solve extruding and injection moulding problems.
Nan Yun
Nan Yun Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tel:  +886-6-2017773
Fax:  886-6-2017003
Booth:  12A52-22
PLASCO: Monofilament extrusion line
PLASCO has built its position as one of the leading monofilament extrusion lines manufacturer to the global market. For more than three decades, PLASCO has been manufacturing comprehensive range of monofilament extrusion lines, providing technical solution in the field of PP, HDPE, PA, and PET monofilament production.   
Plasco Engineering
PLASCO Engineering Inc.  
Tel:  +886-5 237 6175
Fax: +886-5 237 6176
Booth:   15C61
Polyplastics: Engineering plastics 
Polyplastics and its subsidiary TOPAS Advanced Polymers GmbH jointly showcase their leading-edge material technologies and products. Polyplastics’ leading role as the world’s largest manufacturer of  polyoxymethylene (POM) and a specialist in engineering plastics, will be stressed with highlight on the latest developments in DURACON® POM.  
Polyplastics Co., Ltd.
Tel: +81-3 6711 8614
Fax: +81-3 6711 8606
Booth: 7aB02
Polystar:  Recycling system  
POLYSTAR's high efficiency, one-step plastic recycling machine Repro-Flex is designed for the reprocessing of PE polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE) and PP flexible packaging material, printed and non-printed. This cutter integrated pelletizing system eliminates the need of pre-cutting the material, requires less space and energy consumption while producing high quality plastic pellets at a productive rate.  
Polystar Machinery Co., Ltd.
Tel: +886-6 273 0889
Fax: +886-6 273 0887
Booth:  12B06
Powerjet: Injection moulding machine
Injection molding machine with clamping force from 500KN to 28000KN, including hydraulic 3-platen, 2-platen, hybrid and full electric series, dozens of special IMMs, such as PET Preform, high speed IMM for thin-wall products, and extrusion blow moulding machine for bottles, tank, container with volume from 3mm to 80 litres, including full-electric series, and stretch blow moulding machines are on offer.
Powerjet Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Tel:  +86-757 8669 7560
Fax:  +86-757 8669 7861
Booth: 13D11
Rikutec: Multi-layer blow moulding machine 
RIKUTEC Group showcases its high-precision, multilayer blow moulding machines as well as high-quality, fast-cooling moulds, and a range of technical blow moulded products. The Group highlights the industrial packaging industry’s first all-plastic Twin Drum which meets the highly stringent demands of the Packaging Group 1 regulations as specified by the ADR European agency for safe storage and transport of highly aggressive chemicals.  
RIKUTEC Richter Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Tel: +49 2681 9546-0
Fax: +49 2681 9546-33
Booth: 14B13
Runtai: Industrial knives and blades  
Runyuan Knives Group was established in 1980 and currently operates factories in Taiwan and China, producing various industrial blades. The company offers solid-steel and inlay-steel materials for crushing, pelletising , shredding, granulating and cutting.  
Runtai Knives Co., Ltd
Tel: +86-596 699 6789
Fax: +86-596 699 6777
Booth:  12A52-38 
Starlinger: Closed loop system for bags
Starlinger presents a closed loop system for big bags made from woven polypropylene. The sustainable concept “circular packaging” will be Starlinger’s main theme at the K show 2019 as well as at the Starlinger Open House in Weissenbach/Austria.  Another important exhibit is the recycling technology for PET bottles, through the Starlinger “recoSTAR PET iV+” technology.
Starlinger & Co. GmbH
Tel: +43 1 59955-0
Fax: +43 1 59955-25
Booth:  16B47-2
WACKER: Liquid silicone rubber
WACKER, showcases its portfolio of self-adhesive liquid silicone rubbers with low coefficients of friction. The portfolio comprises two new product lines: ELASTOSIL® LR 3671 for applications in food technology and ELASTOSIL® LR 3675 for automotive applications. WACKER will also present SILPURAN® 6760/50, a grade dedicated to medical applications with comparable surface properties. All three products are self- adhesive to metals and selected thermoplastics.  
Wacker Chemie AG
Tel: +49 89 62790
Fax: +49 89 62791770
Booth: 6A10
Ye I: Blown film extrusion line/recycling machine
YE I Machinery dedicated its experienced technological knowledge to the making of high-end recycling machine and blowing film extrusion line. YE I’s multifunctional machines has up to 70% in-house production, securing the best quality and largest production capacity for the customers. YE I three-in-one recycling machine is designed for various plastic waste, and combines a shredder, extruder and pelletiser in one unit.  
Ye I
Ye I Machinery Factory
Tel: +886-6 253 6066-9
Fax: +886-6 254 3717
Booth: 12A52-30
Youju: Engineering plastics 
Jiangmen Youju New Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. The company is rated as state-level high-tech enterprise specialising in the production of  engineering plastics comprising Paryls® polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), polyethersulfone (PES) , polysulfone (PSU) , PPA and LCP series products with total 6000 tonnes/year capacity. Youju is led by a professional team of well-educated professionals in the field of R&D and the enterprise now owns over 70 invention patents and PCTs.  
Jiangmen Youju New Materials Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-750 398 6363
Fax: +86-750 369-7298
Booth: 7 level2/A05
Zambello: Gearboxes
The company was founded in 1957 and today, Zambello has evolved  from  the  beginning  with  designing  and manufacturing of reduction gearboxes of highest technology. Zambello gearbox range in the last decades has gained a prominent position in the field of machinery for plastic materials and for the extrusion in general.
Zambello Riduttori Srl
Tel: +39 0331 307616
Fax: +39 0331 309577
Booth: 17A19
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