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K 2019: Fine mesh straining of rubber compounds

Source:Plastics News Asia

Date Published:7/30/2019 02:07:10 PM

UTH GmbH is expected to bring its innovative solutions for the gentle and clean processing of rubber and silicone compounds at the K 2019
At stand no. D41, Hall 15, UTH GmbH from Fulda/Germany is set to present its extended product range. In addition to the proven roll-ex® gear pump technology and innovative roll-ex® fine mesh straining solutions, the range includes current developments such as the TRP (Two-roll Plasticiser) for re-work processing, polymer dosing system and roll-ex® MDSE technology for silicone compounding.
The commpany's main focus is the presentation of a highly cost-effective and innovative solution for the fine mesh straining of final rubber and silicone compounds. This subject is highly topical in view of the fact that rubber pro-cessing presents enormous challenges to rubber manufacturers. The de-mand is for products of the highest quality as well as greater cost-effectiveness. 
UTH at K 2019
The roll-ex® extrusion system developed by UTH has become a benchmark for fine mesh straining of rubber compounds worldwide: the proven roll-ex® gear pump technology permits the particularly gentle extrusion of rubber and silicone and an easy, quick compound change. UTH’s innovative solu-tions are used in different areas of the rubber manufacturing, for example in complete offline straining cells (consisting of strainer, strip cooler and stacking and packing device) or in the mixing line for final compounds. In the process, the modular roll-ex® system can be combined with a two-roll feeder (TRF), a screw feeder (SF) or a conical twin screw feeder (DSE).
Apart from fine mesh straining, precise extrusion is another primary application of roll-ex gear extruders and gear pumps for which high working pressures of up to 800 bar can be applied. UTH can offer, among other things, system solutions (including the supply of complete lines) for the manufac-ture of rubber-coated wire, yarn or fiber components. Depending on the particular application and requirements UTH can provide these machines in different customer-specific designs. The range of intelligent upstream and downstream equipment, which enables seamless integration in mixing lines of all sizes, is just as much a part of the scope of supply as the compre-hensive after sales service.
Using an exhibit to explain the process, UTH will be providing further information about the particular benefits and possible applications of roll-ex® gear pump technology and innovative fine mesh straining solutions.
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